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About That Marvel Death This Week. And Why It Is Different To All The Others. (SPOILER)

So there were a few explosions as people read Original Sins #5 yesterday. Over one moment in particular. Surely some people must have read Original Sins #5 by now and be angry about it. SURELY?! — Fee McBee (@feemcbee) August …

Today, Marvel Comics Kills One Of Its Oldest Characters. Permanently. (SEMI-SPOILERS)

Okay, so let’s say I wasn’t expecting that today. I’m not even going to spoil what happen in this comic. Or rather I’m spoiling what happens but not who to. But I’m going to give some spoiler space to what comic book this happens in, because some folk won’t even want to know that. And, you know, fair enough.

A First Image From Doctor Who Season Eight – And A Small Spoiler

Film Divider have taken a copy of Entertainment Weekly to the scanner… And it turns out the new Doctor is a bit of a nailbiter. And yes here’s the small spoiler. From the leaked scripts, which I haven’t read, but …

Does This Captain America: The Winter Soldier TV Spot Really Contain A Massive Spoiler? Would They Really?

Either Marvel are stringing us all along or they’re getting slack with the spoiler safeguards.

There Seems To Be Massive Captain America: The Winter Soldier Spoiler Doing The Rounds

I expect the Bleeding Cool forum is about to get up to its neck in Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers. I won’t pretend that I’m not interested in seeing how you all react to this big reveal.

Fanboy Rampage: Dan Slott Vs. Bleeding Cool

  Usually Dan Slott just gets into debates with the Bleeding Cool message boards. You know the folk who think that he should really stop writing Spider-Man because everyone hates it, despite it constantly putting on sales. But yesterday, he …

This Is Your Batman #28 Final Page Spoiler (FINAL PAGE SPOILER)

It is very rare that Bleeding Cool runs a “Final Page Spoiler”, where we run the final page of a comic book the day it comes out., It happens sometimes, the New 52 Detective Comics #1 was one, the final …

How The Hell Are Americans Meant To Avoid The Sherlock Season 3 Episode 3 Spoiler?

Relatively early on in the third episode of the third series/season of Sherlock, The Final Vow, we discover something. Immediately it affects things we encountered in previous episodes, radically transforming the way we view them. Now, we’ve all seen it …

Spoiler Alert: Snyder Announces The Return of Stephanie Brown at NYCC (With Pics & More Info)

From BC Correspondents Pete Sailer, Romeo Gebuza and Dan Celko via the BC Liveblog: The New 52 Batman panel touched on everything from Zero Year to the Detective Comics #27 75th anniversary issue, but the big news was the return …

Scary Stephanie Brown Highlighted In Scribblenauts Unleashed: A DC Adventure From Nintendo At E3

You’ll want to watch this for 16-minutes-and-chang to believe it. But a short Scribblenauts Unleashed: A DC Comics Adventure clip shown at E3 by Nintendo, appeared to highlight the much-neglected-of-late Stephanie Brown. Or rather Scary Stephanie Brown. Here are some …

Spoiler Pics: If You’re In Any Doubt At All About Which Oz The Great And Powerful Witch Is Which…

I’m not sure these can be considered a spoiler for reasons I can explain, but let’s have a look at them anyway.

Iron Man 3 Action Scenes As Official Lego Sets – Spoilers Ahoy?

May contain 70s glam rock-style mutton chops in miniaturised Lego form. Though probably not.

Iron Man 3 Spoiler – Details Of A Ten Rings Attack Being Filmed Today

We’ll tell you where the attack is going to happen. Your mission is to go there and send back video.

Casting Call For Next Spider-Man Movie Has A Sort Of Spoiler In It

Old white men might even find this a useful story, career wise.

Amazing Spider-Man #700 Spoiled Online

This morning I woke up to a page-by-page synopsis of Amazing Spider-Man #700 and a photo of the final two pages of the comic. Since then I’ve received it a number of times. To be published on December the 26th, …

Justice League Movie Villain Revealed?

This Justice League big bad is definitely both big and bad.

Did James Badge Dale Drop A Huge Iron Man 3 Spoiler?

Maybe not. But… if he did, then this is really rather big.

Video: This BBC Christmas Trailer Has A Doctor Who Spoiler

Have Twitter and Tumblr exploded about this yet?