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Lost In Translation – How Bad Subtitles Could Hurt Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy opened well in China last weekend, but the word-of-mouth that helped it do so well everywhere else may end up hurting it there. The response from reviewers and regular moviegoers have been mixed and the China …

Bond 24 To Start Filming In December And Looking For The Next Bond Girl

The twenty-fourth chapter in the James Bond franchise is set to go before the cameras this December according to Screenrant. Sam Mendes will be back once again to helm the movie along with screenwriters John Logan, Neal Purvis and Robert …

Right Now, You Can Get Every Single James Bond Film On Blu-Ray For Under $100

There was always a slot in the Bond 50 collection’s packaging for Skyfall, so this was pretty much inevitable.

Now Is The Time To Buy All The James Bond Movies On Blu-ray, Including Skyfall

23 James Bond film on Blu-ray are currently 63% off. But probably not for long.

James Bond 24: Sam Mendes Officially Directing For 2015 Release

Releases dates for the UK and the US confirmed and a comment from Sam Mendes on his return.

Angelina Jolie And Top Class DP Roger Deakins Go Scouting – UPDATED

Angelina Jolie is in Hawaii to shoot a her new film, Unbroken, and she’s not alone.

New Star Trek Into Darkness Clip – And Some Of Its Close Cousins

There’s a certain sort of supervillain showdown we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Why has this kind of staging become so fashionable? And how is it useful?

James Bond Director To Be Named “Soon,” MGM Want Film Out “Within The Next 3 Years”

It looks like the old two-year pattern from years gone by might not be so easy to stick to these days.

Bond 24 Needs A New Director – Sam Mendes Explains Why He Won’t Be Back

Last we heard he was 75% sure to come back. So why did he turn it down?

Sam Mendes “75 Percent” Set To Direct Next Bond, Two Film Storyline Plans Abandoned

Previous intel on the future of James Bond suggested that John Logan, the screenwriter who finished off Skyfall, had cooked up a two-part storyline. This was reportedly going to be set to be spread across Bond movies 24 and 25.

Men In Black, Bond, Batman And Spider-Man Rank In Chart Of 2012′s “Movie Mistakes”

Glitches and goofs galore, for what it’s worth.

Look! It Moves!: Our Year Of Romance With Spies

2012 has been the year of Spies in pop culture, perhaps more than any other. We’ve had the latest James Bond flick SKYFALL, the second season of HOMELAND as popular and big a talking point as ever, and now Kathryn …

The Top 10 Most Searched For Movies On Google And Yahoo In 2012

Fifteen films across two top ten lists. What was the most searched for film of 2012?

Tuesday Review: Batman #15. And Skyfall. Somehow.

Will Romine writes; Hello Friends! This weekend, I got around to seeing Skyfall. Overall, I’d say it did everything a Bond film was supposed to do. Little did I know after leaving the theater, that a friend of mind would …

James Bond Wanted, Enquire Within – UK Government Website Lists Fake 007 Job Opening

Hilarious James Bond-related computer abuse isn’t just limited to the preposterous hacking scenes in Skyfall, but has spilled over into reality.

Sam Mendes Co-Created The Idea For The Next Bond Film? Will He Return To Direct?

I’d rather see Sam Mendes direct Bond 24 than anything else, I think.

The Skyfall Musical Opening Credits Sequence – Free Of Actual Credits

See Daniel Kleinman’s work without the graffiti.

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: Mastering The Master

Adi has a definition of “arthouse.”