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All Signs Point To Star Wars Episode VII Having Wrapped Filming

There was a party thrown at the London Space Museum Saturday night and it was attended by Harrison Ford, J.J. Abrams, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Simon Pegg, Daisy Ridley, Andy Serkis and John Boyega and the odds are that it …

Hector And The Search For Happiness – A Chocolate Covered Pickle

By Chris Maltby Simon Pegg has, over the years, cultivated a specific cult of personality, quietly positioning himself as one of the leading figures in the great Geek Pantheon, an unabashed fanboy with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of nerdy esoterica, …

Rumour: Simon Pegg Is In Star Wars: Episode VII

I sat and spoke to Pegg for 25 minutes yesterday. He didn’t show obvious signs of an Abu Dhabi tan.

Marvel Looking At Tom Hardy And Benedict Cumberbatch For Doctor Strange, Peyton Reed And David Wain For Ant-Man

Earlier today, I was tipped off that Marvel would like to speak to Benedict Cumberbatch about Doctor Strange. I’ve been firing off e-mails and calls trying to find out how real this is. Apparently it’s a little bit real, as …

Simon Pegg Seems Set To Take Over From Benedict Cumberbatch In Monty Python-Powered Sci-Fi Movie‏

The Monty Python-tinged voice ensemble includes John Cleese, Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin.

Lake Bell, Simon Pegg Team For Rom Com Man Up

From winning over Sundance to getting Simon Pegg as your dream guy…

Robin Williams Gearing Up For A Night At The British Museum, But What About New Co-Stars?

Plus some incredibly vague plot details for the third in the Night at the Museum series.

Simon Pegg’s Finger Moves On…

Ha ha, Simon Pegg, ha ha. From Los Angeles… Everyone’s gone to see World’s End, right?

Patrick Vs The World’s End – Afterwards They Will Explode

We spent a fair bit of time speaking with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright at San Diego Comic Con. Here’s the first of our reports.

Patrick Vs Comic Con – The World’s End – Afterwards They Will Explode

Patrick Willems continues his journey to San Diego Comic Con, and this time gets to see The World’s End and shake Edgar Wright by the hand as he promises himself he would. But how? Here’s how. Catch his previous episodes …

I Don’t Think Simon Pegg Has Been Cast As Ant Man, I Think He’s Just Pulling Our Legs

It’s easy to jump to conclusions.

First Trailer For Frank Darabont’s Mob City, Formerly Lost Angels, Formerly LA Noire

I tend to like zombie stories much more than the next man but The Walking Dead did go into a bit of spin for me after original showrunner Frank Darabont departed.

Who Wants To See The World’s End For Free? (UPDATE)

So we have a prize. To see the World’s End. Out in the US on the 23rd August, Canada last week on the 6th August and the UK back in the 19th July. Here’s what’s on offer. $50 Visa gift …

The Annotated, Illustrated Screenplay For Shaun Of The Dead

I’d recommend going into full screen mode for this.

Trailer For Laika’s Stop Motion Boxtrolls Isn’t Afraid Of Bigotry

All in, it’s a very sweet teaser, impeccably well designed and animated, and the message is direct and uplifting too.

New World’s End Promo Profiles Director Edgar Wright

So, okay, we know this chap’s name and he’s got a fanclub of the likes we rarely see in Blighty, but what’s so special about Edgar Wright anyway?

There’s A Lot Of Human Vs. Robot Violence In This World’s End TV Spot

This features some new footage, and if you pause it in the right place, you’ll see some extremely busted up robothings. Ouch.

Vue Cinemas Showing The Cornetto Trilogy Back To Back

“It seems worth pointing out that this comes with a free Cornetto” – Edgar Wright