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Alfonso Cuaron Says He Won’t Direct Harry Potter Spin-Off, Knows Little About Shining Prequel

The Snitchseeker forums seem to be the first place to pick up and highlight an EFE interview with Alfonso Cuaron about his involvement, or lack thereof, with a couple of high-profile Warner Bros. projects. Going to the EFE link, I …

Official Book Trailer For Stephen King’s The Shining Sequel, Doctor Sleep

Apparently set within the confines of that infamous Room 237, here’s a book trailer for Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s upcoming sequel to The Shining.

Shining Prequel To Be Written By Glen Mazzara, Sometime Walking Dead Showrunner

Glen Mazzara is probably best known, certainly most discussed, as one of the toppled showrunners of The Walking Dead, but his previous credits include runs on Nash Bridges, The Shield and the TV spin-off of Crash.

The Interactive Cover Of Stephen King’s Shining Sequel, Doctor Sleep

Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep picks up with Dan Torrance, formerly best known as Danny, the child in The Shining with the shining.

Script Pages Reveal A Deleted Scene And Alternative Ending For The Shining

Courtesy of Toy Story 3′s director, Lee Unkrich.

Warner Bros. Set Wheels In Motion For A Prequel To The Shining, As Stephen King Readies His Own Sequel

Could we be looking forward to duelling Shining spin-offs?

Extended Cut Of The Shining To Get Theatrical Release This Halloween

After its initial US launch but before its release in Europe, Stanley Kubrick cut 24 minutes out of The Shining. Some say he was spurred on by bad reviews; others have said that he quickly learned from the responses of …

Peter Weir Writing And Directing The Keep – The Shining Meets Kafka?

After the colossal scale of The Way Back, Peter Weir is planning something very different for his next picture and will adapt Jennifer Egan‘s 2006 novel The Keep. Variety‘s description of the book is as good as useless, but I …

On the Anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s Death, a TV Spot for The Shining Comprised Entirely of Footage Not Used in the Movie

It was thirteen years ago today that Stanley Kubrick passed away. To commemorate, here’s a video that has been weaving in and out of my Twitter feed and inbox for the last week or so. It’s a UK TV spot …

Now Is The Time To Buy The Shining On Blu-Ray

Recently, it looked for a moment like some long-lost scenes from The Shining had resurfaced… but then it became clear that they hadn’t. Steady your anticipation of a new, special edition Blu-ray, then. Besides, the one that’s already in stores …

Super-Rare Uncut Version Of The Shining To Screen In New York – CANCELLED Update

Back when The Shining was released, distribution patterns were very different than today. During their first week, films would be found in just a few cinemas, and not the thousands that are now typical. Stanley Kubrick certainly liked to take …

Five More (Video) Things About Doctor Who: The God Complex

Presented without comment because I’m sure you can join the dots for yourselves.