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Beasts Of Burden Movie Nabs 9 Director Shane Acker

Shane Acker is still probably best loved for his short animated film 9, despite him later adapting it into a feature. He’ll now direct Beasts of Burden, based on the Dark Horse comic about cats and dogs caught up in supernatural mysteries.

TRAILER: Portal Creators Valve Getting Into Movies With Underwater Sci-Fi Western, Deep

Originally conceived as a comic, the underwater sci-fi Western Deep is now being realised as a movie with an ancillary, playable video game component. It’s quite tricky to beat the explanation in the press release: The Deep team has been …

Trailer For Shane Acker’s Plus Minus, And News On His Most Unexpected New Feature

The short film version of 9, Shane Acker‘s post-human stitchpunk* adventure, won lots of acclaim and a buzzing online cult; translated to a feature length version, the support seemed to shrivel up somewhat. I guess there’s some double standards at …