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First Trailer For Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service

Looks like a fun mix of humor and action, and I loved the footage they showed at WonderCon, so definitely looking forward to this one on October 24th.

First Images From Matthew Vaughn’s Film Of Mark Millar And Dave Gibbons’ Secret Service

The comic book is something Rich has covered from the very beginning of Bleeding Cool. Literally.

Tweeted Then Deleted: Mark Millar Connects Brad Pitt To One Of His Films. Secret Service? Nemesis?

I’m not sure what role in the already largely-shot Secret Service would suit a Pitt cameo, but I can tell you that the screenplay deviates from the comics a great deal.

Summer 2015 Gets More Crowded As Fantastic Four, Secret Service, Assassin’s Creed And More Get Release Dates

The crowded summer of 2015 just got even more crowded.

Samuel L. Jackson Cast In Matthew Vaughn And Mark Millar’s Secret Service… But Who As?

A cursory flick through the comic doesn’t really suggest a perfect fit for Jackson.

Has Matthew Vaughn Cast Michael Caine And Will Poulter In The Secret Service?

Mark Millar seems to be hinting that he has.

Colin Firth Ready To Sign Up For Millar And Vaughn’s Secret Service, Aaron Johnson Not

Using just the same model that brought us Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn has co-written an adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ The Secret Service with Jane Goldman, is funding the project independently, and will set about shooting the thing this Summer and Autumn.

Fox Locks Down Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar’s Secret Service For 2014 Release

Patrick Dane told you this was likely to happen back in October of last year, and now it looks like Fox has tied a bow on it by fending off a play from Universal. Vaughn has already completed the script …

Kick Ass 3 In May

Mark Millar has hinted that we may be getting all sorts of death finales in the final chapter of Kick Ass. And we may be getting them sooner than we thought as well, according to this ad from today’s final …

Pop Culture Hounding Dave Gibbons And Herb Trimpe In Malta

Chris Thompson writes; This week I take a look back at the absolutely amazing Malta Comic-Con I’ve recently returned from – then Taylor & I discuss some of the gems found there, including Sean Azzopardi’s latest release Same Day Return. …

Work Underway On Nemesis Movie Screenplay By Joe And Matthew Michael Carnahan

And Millar teases a small pile of other Millarworld movies.

The Real Reason Matthew Vaughn Left The X-Men Movie, According To Mark Millar

The version of events I strongly believe to be true.

Star Wars Rumour: Episode 7 To Be Directed By Matthew Vaughn?

The rumour says this is why Vaughn ditched on X-Men: Days of Future Past.

There’s Nothing Happening In Mark Millar’s Latest Movie Update

In short, Mark Millar has been to LA and had dinner with somebody he really likes, and the promised Joe Carnahan film of Nemesis and Matthew Vaughn film of The Secret Service are still in the works, for somewhere down …

A Comic Show – Tomorrow’s Comics Today

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Florida writes; SAGA #3 was the best third issue ever printed! OMG! I’m offering money back on all 3 issues of SAGA at A Comic Shop! It doesn’t matter if you don’t like …

Millar Says: Matthew Vaughn Co-Writing Kick-Ass 2, A New Director Has Been Selected, Official Announcement Soon

Updates from “Millar Hour”

A Comic Show – It’s.. Indy Week!

Aaron and Tony from A Comic Shop in Florida look at tomorrow’s comics today, and they’re all non Marvel/DC titles. Saga #2, Secret Service #1, Secret #1, America’s Got Powers #1, Thief Of Thieves #3, Adventure Time #3… and Iron …

Reorder Charts – Is Saga #2 Heading For A Sellout?

This chart is the only chart that measures “buzz”, by looking at the comics being ordered by retailers after the usual orders are in. It measures the realisation by retailers that they may not have quite ordered enough of something, …