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Touch Of Cloth Series 4 Goes Sci-Fi And Supernatural?

Touch Of Cloth is a TV series parodying modern crime drama, in the same way that Police Squad did to police shows of the seventies and eighties. Starring John Hannah, Karen Gillan joined the cast for the third series (consisting, …

Get A Tree Walker With Your The Walking Dead: Season 4 Blu-Rays

On the 26th of August, Anchor Bay is releasing the 4th season of The Walking Dead on Blu-ray and DVD. They also have a Limited Edition Tree Walker case available that comes with the 5 Blu-ray set. He’s kind of …

Late Night Fun – Waking Dead Tribute Art

Illustrator and comic book artist Kirk Manley has created a series of tribute pieces based on Season 4 episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead.¬†These works have received a lot of interest and attention on social media and have been re-Tweeted …

A Fair-Sized Preview Of Walking Dead Season 4 With Clips And Talking Heads

Not the Re-Animator kind of talking heads, though there almost might have been.

Walking Dead: A Season Four Walker Models For You, Trailer Coming After Comic Con Premiere

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it… unless, of course, your bodied is atrophied, your muscles decomposed and your bones broken.

Arrested Development To Feature Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen And Flashback Fun

Due to the criss-crossing structure of Netflix’s new Arrested Development episodes, a quickly-shot cameo appearance could see a guest star popping up in any number of the chapters.

Community Season 4 Trailer – A Good Day To Study Hard

Are these Die Hard references some sort of cross-promotional synergy thing?

New Trailer For Misfits Series 4 Shows Off Some New Powers

New Misfits, new powers.

No Surprises Here: Walking Dead Season Four Being Taken For Granted At AMC

Also, see Peter Jackson and other celebs as Walkers.

Simon And Alisha Won’t Return In Misfits Series Four

Warning. There are Spoilers for¬† Misfits to follow. It has just started on Hulu.com in the USA, so many Americans are still to catch up. To that end, I’m going to write a paragraph to keep this off the front …

Misfits Season Four Is Officially A Go

The green light has flickered on at Channel 4 headquarters, signalling the good people of Clerkenwell Films to get stuck into development with the fourth series of Misfits. We’ve been expecting it, and it’s now official. However, there’s not yet …