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Trailer: Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters Ups The Ante And The Monsters

This looks something like a messed-up combination of Bryan Singer’s second X-Men film and… well, Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief.

There’s A New Japanese Trailer For Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters

I’m always curious to see how Hollywood fare is marketed around the world, or what the trailer trends are away from the same old grind.

Mythology With A CG Sheen – Second Trailer For The Second Percy Jackson Film

Featuring some old friends of Joss Whedon and massive amounts of CG.

Character Posters For Annabeth And Percy From Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters

Percy seems to have had a haircut since the previous film – I don’t know how happy that’s going to make devoted fans of the novels.

Trailer: Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters, Which Apparently Has Nathan Fillion In It

Nathan Fillion is in this? Wow. I had no idea. Or, if I did, I’d forgotten.

Fox Schedule Fantastic Four, Give The 3D Treatment To Apes, X-Men And Percy Jackson

Fox have left their notebook open on the Upcoming Release page. On purpose.