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So, About That Fantastic Four Movie

So Bleeding Cool ran a story on Friday, that Fox had been speaking to prominent movie directors and screenwriters, asking them if they’d be willing to take over the currently-in-pre-production Fantastic Four for a new shoot in six months. Which would mean …

Fox Looking To Dump Fantastic Four Director, Screenplay And Recast, Six Months Before They Are Due To Shoot (UPDATE)

I’ve learnt from a rather well-connected source that, as the title says,  Fox is looking to dump Fantastic Four director Josh Trank and the script by Simon Kinberg and are actively looking for replacements. Six months before they are due …

Script Pages Reveal A Deleted Scene And Alternative Ending For The Shining

Courtesy of Toy Story 3′s director, Lee Unkrich.

Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained Screenplay Now Available To Download, Officially And Free

Save it now, while you can, and read it after you’ve seen the film.

Howard Overman Has Written His Misfits Feature Film Screenplay

To feature the return of classic characters.

Read The Script For Prometheus From Before Damon Lindelof Got Involved

Including facehuggers and chestbursters.

Full Screenplay For Judd Apatow’s This Is 40 Published Online, Officially

If you want the whole film spoiled for you, here’s your chance. DON’T DO IT, etc.

Tony Lee Writes Screenplay, The Mild Bunch, With Frazer Hines

Doctor Who comics writer Tony Lee and Sam Hart have been in London today to record a podcast for Orbital Comics, which will go up on their website this weekend, most likely. But I’ve managed to get a newsworthy snippet …

Here Are Some Fragments From Edgar Wright And Simon Pegg’s New Screenplay – Can You Help Us Uncover More?

Thinking caps on, people. And photoshopping gloves.

Ever Wondered What The Script For A Silent Movie Looks Like?

Michel Hazanavicius‘ screenplay for The Artist has been published online by The Weinsteins as part of their For Your Consideration campaign. What makes this script particularly interesting to read is that it lays down the blueprint for a silent film …

Diablo Cody Casts Russell Brand And Julianne Hough In Her Directorial Debut

The debut picture of Diablo Cody as writer-director, is coming on nicely in its preproduction. It was previously to be called Lamb of God, though it now lacks an official title – likely to prevent offense amongst the more fundamental …

Max Landis’ Frankenstein Goes To The Circus – UPDATED

I’m never one to be precious about remakes or adaptations, and if I find out that a new version on an old story is striking out in a bold direction, I’m only encouraged. It’s exciting for me, then, to see …

Download The Toy Story 3 Script Courtesy Of Disney Pixar

I have great respect and admiration for a well-written screenplay, and I’ve read a good number of them in my time – and you can add to that a whole heap of mediocre ones and several landfill sites worth of …

Preview: PAUL Screenplay By Simon Pegg And Nick Frost

This is a look at a draft of a screenplay, not the film itself. Many things can and often do change between this stage and the final film. Not least, it actually gets shot. Spoilers that might impede your enjoyment …