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Other Actors Lining Up To Test For Fantastic Four In The Next Few Weeks

Nobody has been cast yet, according to the new report.

Meet Wes Anderson’s Latest Cast Of Quirky Characters In New Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer

A clueless inspector, a dying heiress, an uncovered body missing four fingers, these are just some of the classic Wes Anderson characters we’ll be meeting.

Saoirse Ronan To Star In John Crowley And Nick Hornby’s Film Of Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn

Though John Crowley’s work hasn’t been overlooked, he somehow doesn’t get the respect I believe he deserves.

Saoirse Ronan Reveals A Little About Her Star Wars Audition Scene

She got to snoop around and find a weird little electro hilt thing in somebody’s bag. Such fun!

Remember We Said Elizabeth Olsen Was The Scarlet Witch? Now Nick Fury Says So Too

Way back in August, Brendon told you that Saoirse Ronan had passed on the role of Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch, in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. And he told you that Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios had shifted their …

Star Wars Episode VII Updates – Saoirse Ronan, Chewbacca, Sullivan Stapleton And… Josh Homme

The latest news about Episode VII, from Saoirse Ronan confirming that she’s been reading for a role to Josh Homme ‘auditioning’ for R2D2.

When Bleeding Cool Called Up Neil Jordan To Discuss Byzantium, The Rise Of Cable TV, Horror Movies And More

Neil Jordan‘s movies so often make me feel like I’m looking not into a mirror, but through one, perhaps from the inside. The world I’m looking at is always on the edge of being recognisable, and the characters seem to …

Saoirse Ronan Has Gone In To Read For The Lead Role In Star Wars Episode VII

I can reconfirm that Saoirse Ronan has had a meeting and read for one of the lead roles – to the best of my knowledge, the lead role – in Star Wars Episode VII.

Weekend Viewing: How I Live Now Trailer, Starring Saoirse Ronan And Tom Holland

Kevin MacDonald’s new film takes a look at the apocalypse from a particular point of view.

Joss Whedon Explains What He Gets From Using Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch, Saoirse Ronan Says Big Yes To Witch Role

Nobody has signed up yet, but she LIKE TOTALLY would.

Report: Joss Whedon’s Model For Scarlet Witch Is Saoirse Ronan

Joss Whedon’s no dummy, and here’s another nugget of evidence to that end. Let’s just throw it on the pile.

Vivid And Lush New Trailer For Neil Jordan’s Vampire Story, Byzantium

Yes, the Neil Jordan staples all seem to be present and correct, but the film still looks to be fresh, and full of powerful images. I can’t wait to see more.

Third Trailer For Alien Possession Picture, The Host

The Host isn’t quite The Hidden. If it cements Saoirse Ronan as a star, though, that’ll be a very good thing.

Matt Smith And Saoirse Ronan Join Christina Hendricks For Ryan Gosling’s How To Catch A Monster

I can’t say I was expecting Gosling to co-write and direct a fantasy film about an underwater world, but now that he is, I’m absolutely fascinated.

Trailer: Gemma Arterton And Saoirse Ronan Are Vampires In Neil Jordan’s Byzantium

It looks every bit the Neil Jordan film it is.

Joss Whedon Is Going To Be At Glasgow Film Festival And He’s Not The Only One

Being joined by Gemma Arterton, Eli Roth, Saoirse Ronan and more.

Three Actresses Named As Contenders For Mark Romanek’s Cinderella

Three young ladies competing for the chance to scrub the floor, get bullied and lose their shoe.

Saoirse Ronan Has An Alien Inside Her In This First Trailer For The Host

Alien action adventure chase romantic drama with Saoirse Ronan. Sounds like a hit.