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Gravity — The Bleeding Cool Review

In space, no-one can hear you shout “this is the best movie of the year!”

Listen To A Preview Of Over Twenty Minutes Of The Gravity Soundtrack

A preview of Steven Price’s score for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

UK Trailer For Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity UPDATED With 2K Version

Sandra Bullock is floating, adrift, 372 miles above earth in Alfonso Cuarón’s new film.

New Posters For Gravity And All Is Lost Tell You ‘Don’t Let Go’ And ‘Never Give Up’

George Clooney and Robert Redford feature on these two new posters fro films about people adrift and alone.

Another New Clip From Gravity – Extremely Claustrophobic, Tense Stuff

It’s all gone wrong for Sandra Bullock in this clip from Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. And this… this is just the beginning.

Sandra Bullock Struggles To Detach In This Clip From Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity

This footage led to some pretty hyperbolic reactions at Comic-Con. You can now see for yourself what all the fuss was about.

New Image From Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity Is Sandra Bullock, Just Hanging Around In Her Smalls

For at least three days a week, my job affords me the luxury of not having to get dressed properly. Seems that the same thing is true for astronauts.

Work Is Underway On A Sequel To The Heat, But Bridesmaids 2 Has Been Dead For Years

Kristen Wiig put the kibosh on Bridesmaids 2 in a heartbeat, but Paul Feig has still found his way to a hit comedy franchise.

First Footage From Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity

Reputedly one of the most technically and narratively ambitious science fiction films ever attempted, Alfonso Cuaron’s first narrative feature since Children of Men is the space thriller, Gravity.

Despicable Me Spin-Off Minions To Feature Sandra Bullock As Scarlet Overkill

Bullock is going to be channeling an evil Audrey Hepburn.

Two Red Band Trailers – John Dies At The End And The Heat

Buddy cop comedy and reality bending narcotic experiences. Not at once.

Trailer: The Heat, A Buddy Cop Movie From The Director Of Bridesmaids

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock star in their own buddy cop film.

Official Blurb For Gravity, A Massive New Sci-Fi Film From The Director Of Children Of Men

Alfonso Cuaron helped the Harry Potter series to an early peak, brought tracking shot trickery to the fore in Children of Men and took MILF-lore to the art house with Y Tu Mama Tambien. Next up, the incredibly ambitious science …

Gravity Grabs George Clooney In The Nick Of Time

It’s out with Robert Downey Jr. and in with The Clooner over at Alfonso Cuaron’s ambitious sci-fi thriller, Gravity. Crikey. How many casting twists and turns can a film with only two characters undergo? Clooney’s role is second fiddle to …

Robert Downey Jr. Has Ditched Gravity, Considering Film Based On Book By Nine Year Old Child

Finally, it’s official: Robert Downey Jr. will not be appearing in Alfonso Cuaron’s space-thriller Gravity. This leaves Sandra Bullock alone in orbit and, I should think, in quite dire need of a new co-star before the project comes crashing down …

Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey And Sandra Bullock To Co-Star In Comedy

I might as well have called this blog post An Open Letter To Meryl Streep because, when all is said and done, it will be tantamount to me getting down on my knees and begging her to be a little …

So It Looks Like Sandra Bullock Will Star In Gravity After All – But Why Did Jolie And Portman Pass?

Long story, cut short: Alfonso Cuaron wants to make a rather technically ambitious sci-fi movie called Gravity and, by all accounts, Warner Bros. are quite keen that it has a bankable actress in the lead role. Apparently, they’d consider it …

Excuse Me? Sandra Bullock Is Studio Pick For Gravity?

Excuse me, but I don’t think I can buy into this at all. A new report has Sandra Bullock pegged as Warner Bros. top choice to take the lead role in Alfonso Cuaron’s ambitious sci-fi picture Gravity. The logic? That she …