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Harley Quinn To Invade Comicon International

DC Comics has announced a new Harley Quinn one-shot while at the DCE’s Retailer Roadshow in Florida. Writer of the new montly series Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner were on-hand to announce July’s Harley Quinn Invades San Diego Comic-Con, released …

San Diego Comic Con Registration Opens This Saturday. For Thirty Seconds.

It’s time, folks. Saturday 9am PT, Noon ET, 4pm GMT… Though you might want to be there two hours early. The EPIC Registration landing page will open at 7:00 AM (PT) for you to enter your personal registration code and …

Kickstarting The Seventies And Eighties With Jackie Estrada

Jackie Estrada began helping to put on the San Diego Comic Con in the seventies, and currently administers the Eisners Awards, as well as co-publisher of Exhibit A Press. During which time, she took a photo or two.  Or two hundred. …

Okay, Now It’s Officially Offical, John Romita Jr And Geoff Johns’ Superman

With colour art, a competition to win attendance at San Diego and a look at the Joker’s Daughter… Here’s how the rumour played out.

What Creators Really Get Out Of Cons – The Devastator Survey Numbers Are In

The Comedy Comics Magazine The Devastator ran a poll among indie comics creators to learn what their needs are when it comes to conventions and shows in an effort to help make those shows more welcoming for creator-owned projects. The …

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow Is Wildly Entertaining But Is It Wildly Inaccurate?

First off, I’m aware that we’re dealing with a wildly fantastic fictional reality when it comes to Fox’s new series Sleepy Hollow, so far up to 5 episodes and on a brief hiatus (due to the World Series), though it …

Comic Convention Complaints Go International

An article in the Times of India highlights the complaints from attendees of Comic Con Express, the first ever comic convention in Hyderabad, India. The biggest complaint was that the convention had very little to do with comic book and more to …

Bleeding Cool #1 Comic Blog And New Advertising Options

Years ago, the comic and film fans were a quiet corner of the consumer market. The most you’d see comic or movie characters outside of the normal environment were as Saturday morning cartoons or Happy Meal toys. But that all …

I Saw The Godzilla Trailer At Comic-Con And Want To Tell You About It

We’ve seen the Godzilla footage and try and explain the tone of the trailer for you.

The Many Amazing Spider-Man 2 News Breaks Of San Diego Comic-Con

Sinister Six, Mary Jane, Electro, Rhino, The Green Goblin, The Gentleman and comb overs. You’ve hit the jackpot, tiger.

I Came Face To Face With Godzilla, And Survived – The Godzilla Encounter

I walk you through step by step through the experience and try to describe what Godzilla looks like too.

Two New Ender’s Game Promos – Including A Dog Fight Tailor Made For IMAX

There’s a lot more Ender’s Game to come in the next few days, and I have to say, I’ll particularly interested to see if the panel disucssion goes anywhere near the Orson Scott Card controversy.

New Godzilla Concept Art Shows An Attack On An Aircraft Carrier

Making waves before San Diego Comic Con kicks off.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Villain And Plot Details Bubble Up

I’ve been banking on Peter Dinklage playing Bolivar Trask in Days of Future Past ever since the rumours first came up. Didn’t really see any reason to doubt them, for one thing.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Gets A Comic-Con Poster Designed By Drew Struzan

Struzan is the iconic painter behind some of the most recognisable movie posters in history. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, it is a guarantee that you have seen and admired his work.

Comic-Con Godzilla Poster Gives You Your Best Look At The Big Guy So Far

Holy wow, that is pretty.

Spider-Man, Electro, Carrie, Ender’s Game And Orphan Black Are Comic-Con Cover Stars

This first cover shows a Spider-Man vs. Electro face-off, presumably revealing the final colour treatment for Jamie Foxx’s glowing head.

Your Last Chance To Get San Diego Comic Con Tickets… Now!

The word comes down; Comic-Con International is pleased to announce that because of returned/cancelled badges we will once again be able to offer those badges for resale. This year we have also reduced the allotment of reserved badges for certain …