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Anthony Horowitz Responds To Philip Morris Over Doctor Who Showrunner Rumours

Yesterday, as part of a series of Facebook posts in which Doctor Who Missing Episode recoverer Philip Morris talked trash about Steven Moffat‘s run on the show, Morris reported what he claimed were well sourced rumours regarding Moffat’s replacement on …

Secret Origins, The New Ongoing From DC Comics

Yesterday, we ran some rumours about upcoming DC Comics titles. Some were well sourced, others… less so. But the original rundown from Tako seemed pretty reliable. And the elaboration at 4chan less so. Maybe as you might expect. Because Secret …

Rumour: Marvel Want Joseph Gordon Levitt To Be Their Doctor Strange

And I don’t blame them. I suspect that Levitt’s agent’s phone is rarely silent.

Don’t Believe These Dodgy Justice League Movie Rumours – They’re Just A Symptom Of The Blogosphere

Doing the rounds today is what I assume is a piece of Justice League fan fiction by somebody looking for attention and a way to while away the lonely evenings.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Rumours: John Krasinski For Star Lord, Isaiah Mustafa, Brian Patrick Wade And Dave Bautista For Drax

More names, but don’t start making your fan posters just yet.

Thor Sequel Rumoured To Really Get Around A Bit

Here, there and everywhere.

Avatar Sequels To Film In France? New Zealand? The Bottom Of The Ocean?

According to an interview with James Cameron by New Zealand’s ONE News, he’s decided to buy a farm on the Island and is going to move on down there to shoot Avatar 2 and 3. I’ve bought some property not …

The Evidence Is Piling Up – Will Sophia Myles Be Returning To Doctor Who?

Little Bleeder Nick Halliday has compiled a good number of indicators that Sophia Myles, who previously appeared as Reinette in The Girl in the Fireplace, will be making a return to Doctor Who. There’s no smoking gun here but you’ll …

Rooney Mara Breaks Hipster Hearts – From David Fincher To Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke

There can’t be many parts more fashionable than Lisbeth Salander right now, and David Fincher continues to be almost unutterably hip too. I’m failing to think of a single upcoming Blu-ray release better suited to conspicuous coffee table placement than …

Moffat Sets Up Doctor Who Season Seven And A New Companion

(Welcome Facebook people… please tell us who has linked to us, because we’re gettng massive traffc and we’d like to say thanks. And you can see more Bleeding Cool Doctor Who coverage here.) The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will tomorrow be …