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13 Comic Covers For November That Are Either Transformers, Angry Birds, Or Both!

November sees the launch of the Transformers/Angry Birds comic from IDW, who happens to own both the comics license for Transformers from Hasbro and Angry Birds from Rovio. So why not show all they have to offer for November? Firstly …

John Byrne, The Fantastic Four And Racebending In Casting

There has, naturally, been some debate on Bleeding Cool message boards on the merits of racebending when casting roles in movies based on comic books from the sixties. With Louis Falcetti saying: I now realize that “diversity” isn’t a bad …

Angry Birds Movie Set For Summer 2016

And Rovio Entertainment are now a “Studio”.

First Gameplay Footage From Star Wars Angry Birds Has A Good AT-AT Bit

Two corporate megafranchises combine, the better to take our monies.

Angry Parks And Recreation Birds

See, this is what I get up to if no one stops me. I’m not sure if I could do the set… Jerry for the heavy bird, Tom for the tiny one, Tammy for the Queen Pig… but playing Angry …