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Times They Are A’Changing Back For Animal Man And Swamp Thing (SPOILERS)

This was how Animal Man #19 ended, the first time around. But a few issues later, after a journey into the very meta narrative of the DC Universe itself, and after meeting Grant Morrison, Buddy Baker came home to a …

A Comic Show – Avengers #1 Gangnam Style

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop of Orlando, Florida writes; Hey Fandom! Today has the biggest Marvel Now books yet: Hickman’s Avengers #1! It’s big, a huge team, and cosmic threat, and bi-weekly shipping! Thunderbolts is Marvel’s Expendables, Deadpool beats …

Rot Liefeld – Jeff Lemire Takes A Stab In Animal Man

Earlier this year, as Rob Liefeld blazed out of DC Comics in a hail of Twitterbitterness, he managed to snag Scott Snyder on the way out, and they had quite a war of words, which has had a series of blow ups since.

Well, Scott, Jeff Lemire has your back.

What Happened To Your Favourite DC Characters In Rotworld?

These are the rules of Rotworld. If you are personally connected to the Red or the Green, you survived. If you’re not, you didn’t. One Year Later and the New 52 is dead. So Beast Boy and Black Orchid are …