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Casting Roundup: Benedict Cumberbatch, Adam Sandler, Cameron Diaz And More

Benedict Cumberbatch goes into the jungle, two new YA stars are born, and Jason Reitman lines up his next all star cast.

Rosemarie DeWitt To Lead The Poltergeist Do-Over

The new film’s details aren’t quite the same as in Tobe Hooper’s movie, and DeWitt’s character is just one of several significant shifts.

The Bleeding Cool Review – Promised Land

Matt Damon and John Krasinski want you to stop that fracking. Stop it. Now.

When Bleeding Cool Called Up Lynn Shelton To Discuss Her Rather Nifty New Film, Your Sister’s Sister

Starring Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt. And it’s good, you know. You should definitely see it.

All New Trailer For The Watch Is Their Best Promo Yet

I’m looking forward to The Watch a great deal. Two main reasons: it looks really very funny, and I want to see how they resolve the… er… political issues apparent in these trailers. Shoot the aliens! Kill them!

New Trailer For Lynn Shelton’s Your Sister’s Sister, With Emily Blunt, Rosemarie Dewitt And Mark Duplass

“There’s no TV, there’s no internet, there’s nothing. It’s just you.” “Do you have forks?” “It’s just you and … we have a couple of forks.” “I might need to stab myself in the face.” In Lynn Shelton‘s Your Sister’s …