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Casting Roundup: Poltergeist, Incarnate, Home Invasion And More Scary Movies Lure New Victims

There are some bigger stories out there, but here is a roundup of all the other castings that happened today. • Patton Oswalt is doing a guest stint on new sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which sounds just about perfect. He’ll play …

Trance Trailer – Danny Boyle’s Reality-Bending Thriller Goes Inside The Mind Of An Inside Man

Sticky fingers probe the folds of James McAvoy’s grey stuff.

Danny Boyle’s Trance – First Images With James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel – UPDATED With More

An art heist gone wrong and a headbender plot full of twists.

Sin City 2 Gets November Start Date, Re-Worked Story?

Rosario Dawson has some interesting things to say about A Dame to Kill For.

Denzel Washington Tells Us Five Things, Most Of Them About Unstoppable

Tony Scott’s take on the runaway train subgenre is Unstoppable, a film loosely based upon real events that saw a train run wild on the tracks of Cleveland. And I mean loosely. The film’s second-billed star is Denzel Washington, and …

We’re Giving Away Tickets To See Unstoppable – Come Get Some

Tony Scott’s Unstoppable is racing towards us like a runaway train without any brakes. If you want to make like Denzel and cut it off at the pass, we’ve got lots of tickets to early screenings to give away. The …