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A Bunch Of Promos For Ronald D. Moore’s New Sci-Fi Show, Helix

Comparisons to The Thing have come and not quite gone. You’ll see some familiar zombie movie tropes in this footage too.

First Trailer For Ronald D. Moore’s New TV Series, Helix – Body Horror In The Arctic

Yes, the comparisons to The Thing are obvious, and indeed, Ronald D. Moore did work on the sequel to John Carpenter‘s endlessly seminal horror movie before creating this show. But Helix is going to have to create a personally all …

Now Is The Time To Buy The Battlestar Galactica Complete Series Box Set

The complete series Battlestar Galactica Blu-ray set is now 70% off its RRP.

Battlestar’s Ronald D. Moore Setting Up New Series, Helix, At Syfy

Sounds like it shares strong similarities to an old project he once worked on.

Pixar Brain Trust Helping Jon Favreau Get His Magic Kingdom Movie Right

How did we go from Disneyland to women posing on sports cars?

Now Is The Time To Buy The Full Battlestar Galactica Set

With an amazing over-$200 reduction from RPP, I really think now is the time to get the Battlestar Galactica Complete Series Blu-ray set, especially if, like me, you’ve been thinking about getting set up for a full-on rewatch from top …

Jon Favreau Handed The Keys To The Magic Kingdom

Somewhere down the line, after Cowboys and Aliens and likely also after Iron Man 3, Jon Favreau has booked himself a trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It’s a long in development project at the studio, and has already had some …