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Disney Producer Don Hahn On Frankenweenie, The Studio’s Evolution, Roger Rabbit Rumours And More

The realities of making a movie like Frankenweenie somewhere like Disney.

Roger Rabbit And Mickey Mouse To Star In The Stooge? – UPDATED – Or Maybe Not…

Perhaps this is why Robert Zemeckis’ proposed Roger Rabbit 2 fell by the wayside.

Robert Zemeckis Blames Death Of Roger Rabbit Sequel On Regime Change At Disney

And Denzil doesn’t seem so keen on Safe House 2.

Roger Rabbit Sequel “Is Going To Get Made, Trust Me” And Bob Hoskins “Is Ready To Do It”

But… hang on… what’s this Robert Zemeckis is saying?

Yeah, Forget The Roger Rabbit Sequel A Moment – A Threequel Is Set For Publication

Roger Rabbit started life as a comic book character in a novel, became a toon in a live action film and is now a toon in a novel.

Robert Zemeckis Sets Up The 3D Roger Rabbit Sequel That’s Just Waiting For Disney’s Green Light

Also: tests have been done in converting the original to 3D and it looks “great.”

Roger Rabbit Sequel Seems To Be Coming Along Nicely

Bob Hoskins has retired but Roger is still in the biz.

Early Test Footage Of Roger And Jessica Rabbit, From When Roger Sounded Like Pee Wee Herman

Plus bonus Roger Rabbit 2 test footage.

Test Footage From One Roger Rabbit Sequel, News Of Another

Robert Zemeckis has been slow-brewing a second Roger Rabbit picture for some time now, and Disney have been wanting one for even longer. There’s been a lot of time and energy spent on development over the years, and I’m certainly …