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Trailer: The “Dwayne Johnson” Rock Is Brett Ratner’s Hercules

The Rock is Hercules. He’s got his top off, he’s buff, he’s in a trailer that I might have expected to run with 300: Rise of an Empire. Guess it wasn’t ready in time.

The Rock Says He’s Had A Big Meeting With Warner Bros. About A DC Comics Project

Doomsday? Lobo? Something else entirely?

McG, The Rock And A Remake Of The Fall Guy – It’s Like Peanut Butter, Jelly And A Remake Of The Fall Guy

If one was so inclined to reprise stuntman bounty hunter TV show The Fall Guy as a major motion picture, picking McG to direct would be quite the no-brainer. His Charlie’s Angel‘s films were flash, fast-burning machines all tanked up with …

Dwayne Johnson Tweets And Deletes An Interesting Image From The Set Of Brett Ratner’s Hercules

Except the fact that it’s obviously a massively expensive production, everything about this film has a whiff of Cannon Films about it.

3 Minute Fast And Furious Featurette Plays Up The Family Values

Fast 6 uses both unexplained resurrection and amnesia ploys to bring Michelle Rodriguez back.

Fast And Furious 7 Confirmed For Release Next Year, With Or Without The Rock

It would seem that James Wan’s third film in the space of just twelve months will be the septquel, Fast and Furious 7.

Another Fast And Furious Film Set To Shoot This Summer – Sequel Or Spin-Off?

It’s not impossible that both a sequel and spin-off will shoot this year… Interest in this series genuinely seems to be at a peak.

If The Lobo Movie Happens At All, It Won’t Be With The Rock

Including an insight into a very important experience from my formative years. Treat me tenderly.

Another 30 Seconds Of Fast And Furious 6

If you’re furious that the new footage isn’t coming along fast enough. Or something.

First Trailer For The Reworked GI Joe Sequel

GI Joe has been in the shop, but he’s almost ready to come out and face us all again.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson In The Criminal Underworld – Trailer For Snitch

The Rock tries to save his son from prison by blowing things up… but not the prison itself. Convoluted.

Comics From The Rock, San Francisco

Frazer Brown writes; Here’s a little curio spotted on my recent trip to “The Rock”. A series of comics telling the tale of the 10+ escape attempts that happened during the brief time the prison stood there. Very well written, …

The Rock, Vin Diesel And Paul Walker Get Serious In New Fast 6 Photos

Big boys and fast toys.

Lobo Movie Plot Revealed – But Do They Need A New Director?

Lobo’s coming.

Expect To See The Enchantress In Thor 2 – But How About The Rock In Lobo?

One Marvel movie, one DC movie, two different outcomes.

Another Other GI Joe: Retaliation Trailer – And Some Thoughts On It

It turns out there are actually two new trailers.

Fast 6 Crew To Get A Little More Haywire – Gina Carano Joining Up

There’s not a lot known about Fast 6, but what do you want to know? There’s going to be cars, there’s going to be cops and robbers, and there’s more than likely going to be a lot of girls in …

Numbercrunching The GI Joe: Retaliation Character Banners

Number of males: 6 Number of females: 2 Number of these females doing the whole look at my butt thing we see in so many posters: 1 Number of men doing same: None. Of course Proportion of females going sleeveless: …