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A Clip From Dreamworks’ Turbo – A Snail Can Dream, Can’t He?

Turbo was co-written by Robert Siegel, alum of The Onion, The Wrestler and Big Fan. That’s exciting.

The Implausible Origin Of Turbo’s Super Powers In His New, Full Length Trailer

This film was co-written by Robert Siegel, screenwriter of The Wrestler and writer-director of Big Fan. Hopefully he’ll have been able to elevate proceedings a little…?

Turbo Trailer – The Racing Snail From The Writer Of The Wrestler

Screenwriter Rober Siegel directed Big Fan and is an alum of The Onion.

New Image From Turbo – A Racing Snail Film From Dreamworks And The Writer Of The Wrestler

Robert Siegel made two extraordinary sports films already. Will his third really be about a racing snail?

Another, Nicer Look At Dreamworks’ Turbo, A Great Voice Cast And Superb Writer Too

In announcing their voice cast, Dreamworks have also added another writers’ name to the roster for Turbo, their upcoming “racing snail” toon. Joining Ryan Reynolds, who is providing the voice for the title character, will be: Paul Giamatti, Michael Pena, …