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Robert Downey, Jr. Tweets First Photo From The Set Of Avengers: Age Of Ultron

I suppose a picture of Tony Stark in an actual Iron Man suit would have been too much of a spoiler, given how he left things at the end of Iron Man 3.

Robert Downey Jr. Has Joined Twitter And I Think He’ll Have A Ball‏

Favreau’s new movie Chef, which features Downey amongst the cast, will no doubt see a nice upswing in buzz.

Birthday Boy Downey Jr Parties It Up Marvel Style

According to KSL.Com in Utah, Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr turned 49 on Friday and decided to celebrate it with a movie night at home with a few friends. The movie being Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the …

Batman Vs. Superman: Golden Age Duality During the Great Depression

By Ryan Michael Both of DC’s flagship characters were introduced to the public towards the tail end of the Great Depression. Over the decades, both have experienced change, adaptation and evolution. Through it all, they’ve managed to hold readers attention …

Let’s Have An Iron Man 3 Gag Reel As The Film Is Available For Download Now, On Blu-ray And DVD Next Week

Yep, Robert Downey Jr. behaves exactly as you’d expect him to between takes.

What If You Cast A Part And No One Cared? Reaction To Spader As Ultron

What if you casted a movie role and no one cared? That is almost the response from fans and industry folk alike. The news of James Spader being picked to play the Avengers 2 big baddy Ultron has been met …

Jeremy Luke And Joey Russo To Star In Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys – UPDATED

And some titbits of information about Jon Favreau’s new film.

Robert Downey Jr. To Play Pinocchio As Well As Gepetto In Ben Stiller’s New Adaptation

Do we really need another movie version of Pinocchio? Well, I don’t think it’s about necessity. This one sounds really quite remarkable.

Robert Downey Jr. Will Return As Iron Man For Avengers 2 and Avengers 3

Marvel has just answered one of the key questions of the immediate future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe:  Robert Downey, Jr. will return as Iron Man in The Avengers 2 and 3. “I am Iron Man.” Tony Stark’s famous closing …

Latest Iron Man 3 Clip Is As Much Fun As A Barrel Of Monkeys

If you’re still waiting to see Iron Man 3 or you just want to relive one of its standout sequences, here’s the latest officially released clip.

Trailer For The Chinese Iron Man 3 – A Little Bit Of Extra Business, Here And There

As you’ll see in this trailer, Chinese audiences are being promised a scene where Iron Man pulls off a bit of action in front of the Yongdingmen Gate.

Is Iron Man 3 The Last Iron Man Movie For Awhile? Thursday Trending Topics

I’d been thinking about this in the context of the eyebrow-raising a few weeks back over Robert Downey Jr deciding whether or not to re-up for the Iron Man role.  I’ve sort of been assuming they’ll get him back for …

Iron Man No More – Gwyneth Paltrow Says There Won’t Be A Part Four

Gwyneth Paltrow denies that there are going to be any more Iron Man movies.

Iron Man 3 – The Bleeding Cool Review

Can Tony Stark defeat his enemies AND the Curse Of The Threequel? Michael Moran reports on Iron Man 3, the start of Marvel Phase 2 and other numerological matters

Ben Stiller To Take Over Robert Downey Jr’s Pinocchio From Tim Burton?

In the press holding room at the Iron Man 3 junket earlier in the week, one of my international colleagues shared a little something from his chat with Robert Downey Jr…

A Clip From Iron Man 3 – Tony Stark Is In Full-On Tony Stark Mode, And Angry With It

Tony Stark has some harsh words for The Mandarin.

Iron Man 3 To Feature Different Scenes And Characters In Alternative Chinese Version

There are to be two different cuts of Iron Man 3 – the one played outside of China, and one to be played inside

New Iron Man 3 Artwork Show Off Hyper Velocity And Enhanced Energy Suits

Does red paint have a noticeable effect on velocity?