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Stallone Vs. De Niro In The Boxing Ring – The Grudge Match Trailer Is Back, This Time It’s Official

Yes, it’s stunt casting, pitting Rocky against Jake La Motta, but it’s fun stunt casting.

Leaked Trailer For Grudge Match – Robert De Niro Vs. Sylvester Stallone In The Boxing Ring – TOO LATE

Removed by request of the studio.

Five Character Posters For Luc Besson’s The Family

A killer dad, a bad mother, a hitman’s best friend, a young gun and a mobgirl next door.

New Trailer For Luc Besson’s Robert DeNiro And Tommy Lee Jones Mob Movie, The Family

Also featuring Michelle Pfeiffer and Dianna Agron.

Robert De Niro’s Taxi Driver Picks Up Rorschach In Before Watchmen

The comparison between Robert De Niro‘s Taxi Driver character Travis Bickle and Watchmen‘s Rorschach has been made a number of times. Many of Rorschach’s other views are similar to Bickle’s: the idea that there is a politician who can clean …

DeNiro, Pacino, Pesci And Scorsese Still Planning Reunion For “Biggest Hit In Mob History” Movie

Scorsese’s The Irishman aka I Heard You Paint Houses just needs to be scheduled.

David O. Russell’s Much-Loved Silver Linings Playbook Gets Second Full Trailer

Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Uncle Bob DeNiro and the director of The Fighter. Great, I’ll take one.

Luc Besson To Write And Direct Time Agent Movie Based On The Valérian and Laureline Comics

Adapted from the French comic, that I have never read but sometimes heard of, Luc Besson‘s Valérian and Laureline movie is to be another large-scale science fiction film after The Fifth Element, and another comic book adaptation, after The Extraordinary …

Trailer: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro And Jennifer Lawrence Tear Up The Silver Linings Playbook – UPDATED

An error meant the wrong video was embedded earlier. Correct video in place now.

Red Lights – The Bleeding Cool Review

I can definitely say this for Red Lights: it’s never boring. In fact, of the films being released in the UK this Friday that I’ve seen, Red Lights is the one that I’d most recommend going to see, although admittedly …

Full Trailer For Red Lights Brings The Moody And The Spooky, The Murphy, The De Niro And The Weaver

I’m looking forward to this one a great deal.

First Clip From Red Lights – Supernatural Thriller With De Niro, Sigourney, Cillian Murphy, Elizabeth Olsen

Here’s the first clip, which mentions the red lights of the title but doesn’t exactly explain them.

I Suppose This New Year’s Eve Trailer Is Innovative

It’s not Alfred Hitchcock showing you round the Bates motel or anything, but there’s a twist to the newly released trailer for New Year’s Eve. This could even go on to launch a trend.

We Want You To See Limitless Early And On Us (And In London)

Bleeding Cool wants you to see Limitless, on us. Read on for full instructions. To celebrate the March 23rd release of Limitless, we’re giving away three pairs of tickets to an advance screening. Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro star …

David O. Russell Drops Hints At A Leading Lady For Uncharted Movie

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool: On top of being a cinephile, I’m also a video game dork. I think that’s because the two mediums share many similar characteristics, especially in recent years where the advent of such powerful video …

Elizabeth Olsen Joins Robert De Niro And Sigourney Weaver in Red Lights

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: Elizabeth Olsen, the third Olsen sister, has been winning good notices at Sundance for her breakthrough role in Martha Marcy May Marlene. While publicising that movie, she revealed to Hollywood Reporter where she will …

Robert De Niro The Fifth American In Ten Years To Head The Cannes Jury

Robert De Niro has been named as the head of the jury for this year’s Cannes film festival. This makes him the fifth american in ten years after David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Sean Penn and Tim Burton. Note that their …

Trailer For The New Manual Of Love With Robert De Niro And Monica Bellucci

Giovanni Veronesi’s third Manual of Love film has a role for Robert De Niro as a divorced American professor living it up in Rome. And by living it up, I mean he’s a character in a romantic drama set in …