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Vin Diesel Says DVD Sales Are Making It Look Good For Another Riddick Movie‏

I don’t know if he’s deleted it or hidden it…

Katee Sackhoff Says She’s Had Conversations With Marvel About Her Availability Next Year

Marvel want a peek inside Katie Sackhoff’s 2014 year planner. But why?

Watch The “Motion Comic” Prequel To The Next Riddick

I can’t help feel we’re being condescended to with marketing materials like this. Surely this video can only have been thrown together with a “that’ll do” attitude?

Extended Red Band Comic Con Preview For Riddick

As discussed in my earlier live blog from the SDCC panel for Riddick, here’s the film’s latest restricted audience trailer. There’s blood, there’s swears, but there was more flesh on display during the actual panel today. Sorry if that disappoints …

Vin Diesel Seems To Have Gotten His Secret Marvel Role, Announcement Coming

I had half been expecting that Vin Diesel would step up on stage during tomorrow night’s Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con but apparently not. During the just-wrapped Riddick panel, Diesel said that, while he can’t say anything about working with …

Riddick San Diego Comic Con Hall H Live Blog

And we’re getting underway with the live blog for Riddick, via Brendon Connelly in Hall H, to me via tin can and string, and to you via the wonder of the internet. Or something like that.  Here we go…

New Riddick TV Spot Is Short And Violent

Vin Deisel is back as Riddick and he’s shared a TV spot for it on Facebook.

RIddick On The Hunt, On His Haunches And On A Poster

Survival Is His Revenge

New Riddick Trailer With New Footage And A Comic-Con Poster

This might make you think about Kirk vs. the Gorn in the Star Trek episode Arena. Just for a moment.

Full Riddick Trailer Emerges From The Shadows

Riddick goes big *and* goes home. Sort of.

First Teaser Footage From The New Riddick Movie, Courtesy Of Vin Diesel

Carrie, is that you?

Vin Diesel Announces Release Date For Riddick, IMAX And All

Goggles will return in the autumn.

First Poster For Riddick, The Third… Um… Riddick Film

Extreme weather for Riddick in the first poster for his next misadventure.

Riddick Logo Brings On That Pitch Black Feeling

The sun goes down on Riddick. Or comes up. The jury is out.

How The New Riddick Earned Its R Rating

Violence, language, body parts. All that popular stuff.

Vin Diesel Dropping Vision Hints – Will We See Him Join The Marvel Movieverse?

Are we on for a Diesel powered android or is the internet just sniffing petrol again?

Two More Riddick Images – Flying, and Thinking

Vin Diesel‘s latest Facebook pictures from the Riddick threequel go from one end of the spectrum to the other. In this first picture, he’s whipping through the air on wires. Looks like fun until you remember where the harness goes. …

Riddick Storyboards And New Production Still

The Riddick grassroots publicity won’t slow down and is, I’d imagine, in real danger of peaking early.