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Rian Johnson To Write And Direct Star Wars Episode VIII, Write Treatment For Episode IX

The trades are differing in their opinions on quite what Rian Johnson will be doing for the new Star Wars trilogy but The Wrap‘s version is apparently the accurate one. He’ll write and direct Episode VIII and write the treatment …

Report: He-Man Movie Close To Happening, Shortlist Of Potential Directors Includes Joe Cornish, Rian Johnson And More

Masters of the Universe was not one of my beloved childhood cartoons, but this is a pretty awesome list.

David Fincher In The Frame To Remake Channel 4′s Utopia

No, David Fincher isn’t considering a remake of Gerry Anderson’s live-action series, UFO. I read that wrong. it’s Utopia. The one with the comic book.

Peter Jackson Names His Fee For Directing An Episode Of Doctor Who

… and I think it’s a bargain.

Rian Johnson Tweet-Reviews Pacific Rim In Just 125 Characters

Maybe I should say “Tweet Previews,” with a P?

The Original Four Page “Sketch” That Became Looper

It all started as four pages of prose.

Download Rian Johnson’s “In Cinema” Commentary Track For Looper

A reason to loop Looper, as if we needed one.

Looper’s Rian Johnson Wants To Direct Doctor Who, Peter Jackson Plot Thickens

Will Rian Johnson get the chance to direct an episode of Doctor Who? Might Peter Jackson film an episode in New Zealand?

Here Are The Planet Of The Apes Sequel Directors On Fox’s Shopping List

There’s only a couple of obviously bad ideas here, and some surprisingly good ones too.

What’s A Looper Anyway? Rian Johnson And His Cast Will Tell You

Sci-fi glossary and clips time.

Bruce Willis And Joseph Gordon Levitt Go On A Very Special Date In This New Clip From Looper

It’s Old Bruce Willis vs. Young Bruce Willis! Or, at least, it’s Old Bruce Willis vs. Joseph Gordon Levitt With Bits Of Plastic On His Face.

New Looper Trailer Shows More Of The Future Future – As Opposed To Just The Future

And Emily Blunt has a particular set of skills, don’t you know.

From The Looper Panel At Comic-Con – New Footage Shown, Rian Johnson And Cast Chat

I’m convinced that Rian Johnson’s Looper is going to be a fine film, but there’s no point denying it: the prosthetics they put on Joseph Gordon-Levitt so that he can play the younger version of Bruce Willis’ character (or, you …

And Now Another Full Length Looper Trailer – And It’s Really Very, Very Good

Very different to the UK edit we saw yesterday, this Looper trailer is taking a completely distinct and, I’d say, preferable approach. It’s still not exactly the film I want to see, but there’s no time for that kind of …

A Time Travel Crime Story – The First Of This Week’s Two Extended Looper Trailers

Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are on a real, and extended, upswing in their careers right now. Bruce Willis? Perhaps not. But all three have big roles in Rian Johnson‘s Looper, and that’s looking like something they should all be …

Chinese Financiers Have An Ulterior Motive For Keeping The Slow, Character Scenes In Looper

Rian Johnson has been test screening his film Looper, and it’s said that audiences have had some trouble with a few of the slower scenes. Designed to flesh out the character arc of Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s character, the sequences were flagged …

Full Trailer For Looper – Time Travel Has Not Yet Been Invented, But Thirty Years From Now…

Joseph Gordon Levitt is Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon Levitt is Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon Levitt is Bruce Willis is…

Two More Looper Promo Clips Have Leaked – Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

Officially scheduled to be released via Apple tomorrow and on Wednesday, these two Looper promos have somehow ended up on YouTube. Chances are they’ll get fired back into the future imminently, so enjoy them while you can. And, if you …