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Actors Already Reaching Out To Producer Of Red Movies Looking For Roles In Part 3

There aren’t many high-profile, tentpole roles for older actors, so I can see how the Red series would attract a lot of attention.

Contrast And Compare: First Clip From Red 2 And Key Scene In Wanted

Two fisted, car-spinning, he-said, she-said chase action. Twice.

Full Trailer For Red 2 Gives Us Some Story Details – Plus Seven Posters

This really does look like it will be fun, and they’ve reinvented Helen Mirren’s role in all of this in just the right way.

First Trailer For Red 2

Still retired, still extremely, still dangerous.

Swipe File: First Images From Hangover 3 And Red 2 Vs. Abbey Road, Psycho, Lots Of Other Things

The first images from The Hangover 3 and Red 2 are pretty familiar.

I See London, I See France… I See The Cast Of Red 2, On Location

Not so retired but I’ll let them have Extremely and Dangerous.

There’s Something In The Water For Red 2 And David Thewlis

In 1993, David Thewlis was about the most exciting thing in British cinema. He starred in Mike Leigh’s Naked as the egotistical, nihilistic street philosopher Johnny and practically set fire to the screen through sheer dramatic friction. Since then, Thewlis’ …

Anthony Hopkins Wanted For Red 2′s Villain – UPDATED

All that stands between Anthony Hopkins and a role in Red 2 is Thor, Norse God of Thunder. Or, perhaps more properly, Thor 2, Marvel sequel of inevitable riches. According to Deadline, director Dean Parisot and the producers of the …

The World Burns In The First Poster For Red 2


Red 2 Cast List Adds Catherine Zeta Jones And Byung-Hun Lee

As Red 2 gets set to enter production, Lionsgate have announced two new additions to the cast and neither of them fits the Retired and Extremely Dangerous profile – which is to say, they’re relatively light on wrinkles and dark …

Here Comes Red 2 – Who’s Back And Who Hit The Sacks?

The first Red was a pretty nifty adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner‘s comics, with plenty of credit due to screenwriters Erich and Jon Hoeber for their added inventions and fairly tidy reshaping. But the not-at-all secret weapon were …

Transformers 4 In The Summer Of 2014, With Or Without Michael Bay – And A Remixed Cast

Find out where to put Transformers 4, Red 2 and Pain and Gain on your calendar. In pencil.

Helen Mirren Says She’s On For Red 2 Next Year

I can imagine that rounding up ensemble casts for the sequel to a sleeper hit* is a tricky, and expensive business. As Red 2 comes together, Summit will be having hijinks, working out new deals with several stars of the …