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Fresh Character, Plot And Production Details Of The New Terminator Movie

I knew that casting for supporting roles on the new Terminator movie was underway but hadn’t been able to conjure up a breakdown myself. It looks like Moviehole were able to secure one, however, as they’ve listed a number of …

Two New Clips From Robocop 2014 – Did He Just Shoot An Innocent Person?

So, now we know: Cyborgs dream of electric Sinatras.

Report: A Series Of Young Actors Are Up For The Roles Of John And Sarah Connor In The New Terminator

All credit to Schmoes Know for what seems like a pretty sound bit of preliminary casting info on the new Terminator seqboot. According to their unnamed source, the actors in contention for both Sarah and John Connor in the movie …

Today, In Topical News: New Friday The 13th Joins The 2015 Movie Pile, Spin-Off Web Series Also Coming

Jason Vorhees wants to come back from the dead – again – and get all over your screens.

Next Terminator Film A Reboot, Planned As First In New Trilogy

It’s going to be called Terminator, with no The, and the new trilogy will “stand alone.”

Tomb Raider Reboot Books Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Marti Noxon

Maybe producer Graham King only got as far as Buffy on Noxon’s resume before hiring her, but whatever his thinking, I’m glad of it.

Bates Motel Extended Clip And New Trailer

This clip runs over three minutes and is well worth a watch.

Warner Bros. Planning Gremlins Reboot. Again

Warner Bros. want to get their dormant monster movie series real wet.

Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles Starts Shooting In April

Everybody sing: “Not teenage not mutant Ninja Turtles, not teenage not mutant Ninja Turtles…”

Robocop Set Video Hints At New Murder Plot Points – Also, “Free Detroit!”

The new Robocop is playing mix and match with elements of the first. Makes sense.

More Robocop Images Give Us A Good Look At His Face

He’s looking pretty human.

Rocketeer Reboot On The Blocks At Disney? Isn’t The Timing All Wrong?

We could argue about the success or failure of Disney’s attempt to recharge the Tron franchise with big-screen sequel Legacy and TV series Uprising, but that plan certainly didn’t face some of the problems the studio will encounter if trying …

Look: See A Key Red Dawn Moment Being Recreated For The Remake

Now, I’m not going to call this an “iconic moment” when “key moment” seems more apt – it’s not Marilyn Monroe standing on a subway grate or anything – but this beat in the original Red Dawn meant something to …

Total Recall – The Bleeding Cool Review

Remember the 1990 fun-fest when Arnold Schwarzenegger had his brain wiped and went to Mars? Prepare to have your memories edited…

Robocop’s New Partner Has Experience With The Wire, Community And Boardwalk Empire

She used to be a lady but now he’s a man.

No Reboot Of Firefly

Brendon’s update: I asked Kate to write the following retraction of her original Firefly┬áreboot article. There’s not much I can add to her comments but I want to assure readers that, while the original story slipped past when I was …

Jeremy Slater To Write The New Fantastic Four Movie

Josh Trank‘s reboot of The Fantastic Four is to be written by Jeremy Slater, the buzzed about, on-the-up scriptwriter behind the Lovecraft-infused Tape 4 and Jake Kasdan’s My Spy. According to THR, he’s just finalising his deal now. Neither of …

Fox Gung Ho On Fantastic Four Reboot, Lock Josh Trank As Director

Just a quick update: Fox have wanted to have a Fantastic Four reboot for a good while, and more recently they’ve wanted Chronicle director Josh Trank to take charge of it. Well, they’ve now go their way and Deadline are …