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Big Brother Is Just The MacGuffin – Discussing Reality With Matteo Garrone

Garrone’s movie Reality isn’t about reality TV, it just has reality TV in it.

This Trailer For Reality Actually Feels Pretty Surreal

Reality, which starts out as a simple story of a man auditioning for a place in the Italian Big Brother house walks the line between charmingly sweet and slightly uncomfortable, but walks it well.

Launching A Campaign To Keep The Fictional Fictional

Some may say I’m a bigot for writing this. But I’m sorry, it’s a matter of them and us, it’s about protecting what is ours, and preserving a future for our children that we can be sure about. And I …

Reality – The Bleeding Cool Review

Big Brother really is watching you.

Cannes Film Festival: Friday 18th May – Rust & Bone

Rust & Bone and Reality, fresh from the fest.

First Look At The Cannes Line-Up: The Films In Competition

What will be joining David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis in the competition for a Palm D’or at Cannes this year? The full list of eligible films has been revealed this morning. Here they are, in alphabetical order by… um… auteur. “Rust and …

On Rubber, Wrong And Reality – Producer Gregory Bernard Discusses Working With Quentin Dupieux

Today, director Quentin Dupieux and producer Gregory Bernard begin work on a new film, Wrong. Last night, Bernard went out for a jog. As he ran, he spoke to me, by telephone, about their last collaboration, Rubber. Rubber is an …

What Quentin Dupieux’s Follow-Up To Rubber Will Be About

I’m just through waxing lyrical about Rubber, the convention shattering story of a living tire becoming crazed with power, and I turn to the internet and what do I see? A plot premise for director Quentin Dupieux’s next film.* Entitled …