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The Top 10 Most Searched For Movies On Google And Yahoo In 2012

Fifteen films across two top ten lists. What was the most searched for film of 2012?

Read The Script For Prometheus From Before Damon Lindelof Got Involved

Including facehuggers and chestbursters.

Colour, Shape And Character – Speaking To Prometheus Designer Janty Yates

More Prometheus design for your lovely eyes.

Video And Report: Up Close And Personal With The Aliens From Prometheus

The whys and wherefores of the Prometheus aliens.

Ridley Scott Dishes On Blade Runner Sequel, Super-Spoils First Film

Plus: a little more something about the Prometheus follow-up.

A Presentation By Ridley Scott’s Production Designer Arthur Max

Learn just a little from one of the best.

Win Yourself An Alien Ampule And Costume From Prometheus

Win some of Ridley Scott’s intense and detailed world building, for your trophy room.

Fox Wanted Extended Prometheus Blu-ray, Ridley Scott Said No

What you saw is what you’re going to get.

Watch This Prometheus Video Closely And Try To Win An iPad

Questions will be answered. In this case, by you.

Is There An Extended Cut Of Prometheus Coming Less Than Two Weeks From Now?

Perhaps. Though it isn’t clear.

The Deleted Scenes From Prometheus Have Interesting Names – DELETED


Fox Promise Prometheus Sequel In ’14 Or ’15, Fassbender And Rapace Locked In, Lindelof Not

Paradise awaits.

The Time An Alien From Prometheus Was In Spongebob Squarepants. Sort Of

Ridley Scott takes his inspiration from very esoteric sources, it seems. Perhaps he fell asleep watching Spongebob one night. Does anybody know that episode? What was actually going on there? I’d love to find out. Thanks to Buzzfeed for the …

Images Reveal Aliens From The Prometheus Cutting Room Floor, Videos Give Us An FX How-To

From the Prometheus we didn’t get.

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: In Space, Everyone Can See You Being Stupid

Adi Tantimedh writes for Bleeding Cool; WARNING: SPOILERS FOR PROMETHEUS Of course everyone will see PROMETHEUS. It’s Ridley Scott not only returning to Science Fiction for the first time since 1982, it’s also a prequel to ALIEN. We all want …

The Prequel To A Viral Promo For A Prequel – Peter Weyland Gets Ready For His TED Talk

It isn’t over yet.

Prometheus Virals Screening And Q&A With Director Johnny Hardstaff

The Prometheus pre-release excitement peaked, I think, with the David 8 commercial, but the whole viral campaign was pretty striking stuff. Next Monday evening, there’s to be a screening of the virals in London, followed by a Q&A with their …

Discussing The 3D In Prometheus With Cinematographer Darius Wolski

Prometheus is a wonderfully designed film and its lighting is definitely very striking. Very few films this year are going to offer you such a lavish visual experience. So we at Bleeding Cool were particularly keen to speak to the …