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Discussions With Scott Allie – Dark Horse’s Strategies For SDCC 2014, Defining Creator-Owned, Prometheus, Fight Club 2, And The Whedon Threeway

San Diego Comic Con is the untackleable beast, and yet for Dark Horse, they seemed to have a very clearly defined strategy this year that I found other journalists and fans remarking upon, from their full slate of announcements concerning …

Prometheus Originator Jon Spaihts Writing New Script For Marvel’s Doctor Strange

It had been assumed, by myself as well as many others, that Scott Derickson was going to take a pass at the script for Marvel’s Doctor Strange himself, now that he’s signed on to direct. Maybe he will, or maybe he’s …

Swipe File: Tim Bradstreet’s Punisher And Marko Manev’s Prometheus

This is a Prometheus poster, licenced published by Mondo by artist Marko Manev. Or at least it was. Until some folk pointed out its similarity to Tim Bradstreet‘s Punisher image. Inside The Rock presented the evidence… The poster was suddenly cancelled with …

The Covers For Aliens, Alien Vs. Predator And Prometheus: Fire And Stone

  From the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas, our first look at the covers to Dark Horse’s Aliens, Alien Vs Predator and Prometheus comic book crossover, Fire And Stone. And while they may be bringing the Star Wars titles …

Predator Is Coming, Complete With Teaser Artwork – Talking With Scott Allie And Joshua Williamson About A Horror Universe

There are teasers that release dates for the crossover universe featuring Alien, Predator, and Prometheus are going to be revealed by Dark Horse this coming weekend at Emerald City Comic Con, but before they do, we’ve got some insider insights …

Ridley Scott To Shoot Multi-Fassbender Prometheus 2 This Year, Green Lantern Writer On Board – UPDATED

I wonder if this means the other half of the rumour, about the film leading us right up to the beginning of Alien, will also pan out? Maybe the gossipeers just made a lucky guess.

Surreal Viral Clip For Ridley Scott’s The Counselor Recalls The Marketing Of Prometheus

Michael Fassbender buys lingerie from Natalie Dormer in this odd new viral clip for The Counselor.

Roberson, Tobin, Sebela, And Williamson Talk Aliens, Predator And Prometheus At Dark Horse

Over at io9.com they chatted with the writers of the upcoming relaunch of the Aliens / Predator / Prometheus universe over at Dark Horse. Here are some of the highlights: Chris Roberson, writer for Aliens, said they won’t be doing anything directly …

Sean Young Thinks You Should Boycott The Blade Runner Sequel If She’s Not In It

And she also doesn’t understand why she wan’t in Prometheus.

Dark Horse’s Prometheus Comic, Ongoing Halo And Gail Simone Tomb Raider

It was a story that Bleeding Cool broke, but now we have art and details, a Prometheus comic coming from Dark Horse by the Colder team of Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra, announced at the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San …

Dark Horse To Add Prometheus Characters To New Aliens Comic

We mentioned it in passing, in last week’s San Diego runaround, but I thought this might be deserving of more play. While I have no finalised details in terms of the creative team, but I understand that much in the …

Prometheus Sequel Going Ahead – Jack Paglen Writing, Ridley Scott Might Not Direct

I had heard a rumour recently that Ridley Scott was losing interest in directing a sequel to Prometheus. I wondered if this might mean the end of the project altogether.

William Gibson Points To An Online Version Of His Unused Alien 3 Script – UPDATED With Better Link

Many if you may have already read William Gibson’s Alien 3 screenplay somewhere throughout the years, but if you never did, here’s another chance.

Rumour: The Revolving Door On The Prometheus Sequel

Alasdair Stuart writes; Oh, Prometheus. We just can’t seem to quit you. Last year’s occasionally brilliant, frequently crushingly muddle-headed Beyond The Mountains of Madness In Space movie split audiences, if not down the middle, then certainly off to one side. …

Alien Co-Creator Ron Shusett Critiques Prometheus And Total Recall, Pitches Two New Script Ideas

Asteroid miners vs. aliens and Jekyll vs. Hyde.

Why Damon Lindelof Isn’t Writing The Prometheus Sequel

Damon Lindelof certainly has a way with self deprecation.

The Top 10 Most Searched For Movies On Google And Yahoo In 2012

Fifteen films across two top ten lists. What was the most searched for film of 2012?

Read The Script For Prometheus From Before Damon Lindelof Got Involved

Including facehuggers and chestbursters.