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Watch New Sherlock Minisode Many Happy Returns Right Now

It’s not only Doctor Who that gets the prequel and prologue minisodes now.

Watch New Doctor Who Now – The Day Of The Doctor Prequel The Night Of The Doctor Is Already Here

Only one of the Day of the Doctor Doctors appears in this minisode. Matt Smith, David Tennant or John Hurt? Now you can find out… and be very surprised.

Harrison Ford Says He’s Been Speaking With Ridley Scott About The Blade Runner Sequel

Apologies for my paucity of blogging, I’m overseas with a broken internet situation and while this story is costing me a little cash money and a lot of sweat to post, it’s just too interesting to pass over.

You Can Watch All Of The New Walking Dead Minisode Series The Oath Right Now

As directed by Greg Nicotero, The Oath is a three-part series of short Walking Dead episodes, adding up to one prequel story.

Disney Describe Their Star Wars Spin-Offs As “Origin Story” Films, Casting For Young Han Solo Underway

Prequels work out so well for Lucasfilm, who can blame them for having another go?

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Website, Banner And Preview Comic

Ahead of this week’s Comic Con unveiling of some early, CG ape-less footage, Fox have opened up a website for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Monsters University Is A Pixar Classic And Swerves The Typical Prequel Pitfalls Brilliantly

If you go into this prequel worried that it might in some way clash with or betray the original film, just a few minutes should put your mind at rest…

Mortal Instruments’ Steampunk Prequel In Development…Too Soon?

Following Shadowhunter Clary Fray as she goes on a journey of self discovery – of course – and a quest to save her mum from vampires, demons, werewolves and the like.

Shining Prequel To Be Written By Glen Mazzara, Sometime Walking Dead Showrunner

Glen Mazzara is probably best known, certainly most discussed, as one of the toppled showrunners of The Walking Dead, but his previous credits include runs on Nash Bridges, The Shield and the TV spin-off of Crash.

New Doctor Who, Now: The Bells Of Saint John Prequel

They call it a prequel, its arguably a prologue, but what really matters is that it’s new Doctor Who and you can watch it now.

Video: The First Six Minutes Of Psycho Reboot Bates Motel, The First Six Months Of Its Story

What happened to Norman and his mother? Well, here’s one pretty big thing, just to get them started.

Wow – A Very, Very Young Mike Wazowski Is Super Cute In This New Monsters University Trailer

Monsters Inc. was a Sully story but it seems like Monsters University is a Mike story.

The Producers Of The New Blade Runner Called Sean Young In For A Meeting

And she thinks the audience will be disappointed if she’s not in it.

Read The Six-Part Prequel Comic To Gangsters, Guns And Zombies For Free

Adding zombies to the British gangster movie.

Doctor Who Minisode – Vastra Investigates

“Turkish, is he?”

The Doctor Who Christmas Prequel Minisode – The Great Detective


The Man With The Iron Fists Prequel Clip And Four Character Trailers

Priming you for RZA’s directorial debut.

The First Scene Of This Week’s New Doctor Who, And A Belated Prequel To Last Week’s

Setting up The Power of Three and, retroactively, A Town Called Mercy.