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See Quicksilver In (Biscuit) Action – The X-Men: Days Of Future Past Version

And some bonus posters that made me think of Abba.

Mondo Gallery Does Its Thing On Disney And Pixar Films

I’m a huge fan of the Mondo Gallery and the poster/prints they do. I have two of them up in my office. Well, now Mondo has paired with Oh My Disney to create an art exhibit called Nothing’s Impossible – …

Excellent New James Bond-Style Muppets Most Wanted Posters – The Pig Is Not Enough

“We went to the Tower of London and asked and usually they’d say no, but this time we said, ‘It’s for The Muppets’, so they said, “We love Kermit even more than James Bond” and so the drawbridge was lowered.”

Trailer And Posters: Swedish House Mafia Leave The World Behind

It’s like Moby Dick with house music. Sort of. Depending on how you look at it.

Swipe File: New Anchorman 2 Character Posters And David Fincher

Big boys.

Two Posters For Doctor Who “Origins Movie,” An Adventure In Space And Time

I’m curious to see what Gatiss has cooked up. Sweetening the deal with David Bradley, Jessica Raine, Brian Cox and the rest of the cast makes it irresistible.

Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence Bring The Glam And Hair On American Hustle Character Posters

If there was any doubt that American Hustle is shaping up to be the most fun movie of fall 2013, these posters from the caper-comedy-thriller should put them to rest.

Toy Story Of Terror Banners Show Off The Characters’ Scared Faces

It’s Rex and Trixie who don’t get scared? And they say Americans don’t do irony.

Gravity Photos, Posters And A New UK Release Date

This is a movie that I’ve known about for a few years now, and from the moment of its conception I’ve heard nothing but praise.

Magneto And Charles Xavier Posters For X-Men Days Of Future Past

One film, two characters, four actors. These first designs for X-Men: Days of Future Past go one step beyond typical character posters.

The Design Of Disney’s Frozen – Anna And Elsa Castle Posters Highlight Conflicting Styles

The designs of Disney’s upcoming Frozen often use conflicting styles in opposing pairs. Here’s an example.

Six Character Posters For Edgar Wright’s The Worlds End

From The Trusty Servant to The Lion Heart by way of a Famous Cock and Intrepid Fox.

Full Trailer For Red 2 Gives Us Some Story Details – Plus Seven Posters

This really does look like it will be fun, and they’ve reinvented Helen Mirren’s role in all of this in just the right way.

Arrested Development Character Posters And Magazine Covers

What the stars, and I suppose post-TV stars, of Arrested Development look like these days. Very much like the way they used to look, in fact.

Nine Posters For The New Arrested Development Give Everybody A Prop

These new Arrested Development posters distill the Bluths and Funkys down to a single prop each.

John Barrowman Is The New Fred Astaire – Clip And Character Posters For All Stars

Hot shoe action from one of the film’s stylised fantasy sequences.

Doctor Who New Clip And Posters For Several New Episodes

The Doctor meets Clara Oswin Oswald again… or at least somebody who looks a lot like her.

Adam Brody, Kristen Bell, Emily Watson, Zoe Kazan – Some Girl(s) Character Posters – UPDATED With Clips

Some Girl(s) has been adapted from Neil LaBute’s play of the same, awkward name by LaBute himself and director Daisy von Scherler Mayer.