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Steve Rogers Is Ready For His Hero Shot – New Captain America: Winter Soldier Poster

Marvel have dropped this new Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster via Facebook. They also promise an imminent announcement.

And Now, A Poster For Guardians Of The Galaxy

Now if only they’d release a trailer or some sort of character-centric promotional clip to go with this poster.

Another New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster – This Time, Rather More Crowded

Poster posing and burning military hardware.

Spider-Man Does The Twist In New, Improved Amazing Spider-Man 2 Poster

I look forward to the one in which Spider-Man does the Bony Maronie but this will do for now.

Plenty Of 2013′s Best Movie Posters

Here, in reverse chronological order, are a number of 2013′s more interesting posters. I selected these because I thought they communicated an interesting idea quickly or with great efficiency.

Now In Marketing: Poster Quotes From People Who Aren’t Even Pretending To Have Seen The Film

And, ultimately, I think I actually like it this way.

First Look At The Amazing Spider-Man 2′s Green Goblin And Rhino On New Poster

The first trailer for the film is expected online on the 5th. If this poster is already out there announcing the involvement of suited of Rhino and Green Goblin, then I expect we’ll get a tease of them in the footage.

“Why Don’t You Pay Me For Your Stupid Text On Thanksgiving Day?” – Spike Lee Digs Deep

Bleeding Cool has been covering the story of a graphic designer who feels he was ripped off by the design agency hired to produce materials for Spike Lee‘s Oldboy. And who appealed to Lee directly. We also covered Spike’s response. …

Angelina Jolie Is Evil Eyes And Serious Horns On The Poster For Maleficent

I’m very curious to see how Angelina Jolie is playing this. The animated version of the character, and Eleanor Audley’s performance as her voice, are pretty much indelible, I think.

First Teaser Trailer For The Live Action Version Of Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service

Though I always knew the Ghibli film as Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service, somewhere along the line, that Flying got lost, and I guess it wasn’t there in the case of the original books.

First Teaser Poster For Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Gives Us A Great Look At The Characters

According to Disney’s current release calendar, we won’t see Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur until November 2015. That’s a mighty long time.

Doctor Who Round-Up – Ben Wheatley Directing, Vastra And Co. Returning, Poster For Cinema Screenings

Things are quite busy behind the scenes for me right now – you’ll all reap some of the rewards as we get closer to the release of┬áThor 2, I promise- so some stories just aren’t making it to the Bleeding …

First Trailer For Latest Tom Clancy Movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

The film was recently given the Shadow Recruit subtitle to – hopefully – help it avoid the problems that dogged movie titles like Jack Reacher or John Carter.

Katniss Takes Aim – At You – In New Poster For Hunger Games Sequel, Catching Fire

As the Hunger Games books go on they became less cleanly plotted and conceived but, in many respects, even more politically provocative. Will it be the same with the films?

Juan Ortiz Creates New Posters For Each Episode Of Original Star Trek TV Series

Trekker and artist Juan Ortiz decided to boldly go where no one had g0ne before… in his new book, Star Trek: The Art Of Juan Ortiz, the artist creates a movie-style poster for every episode of the original Star Trek …

Way, Way Early Poster For Skin Trade With Tony Jaa And Dolph Lundgren, And Co-Written By Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa are very, very different action movie stars. What’s that combination going to taste like?

Homefront Trailer: It’s Jason Statham Vs. James Franco, Screenplay By Sylvester Stallone

Also, the poster for the film which seems to be pitching it as some kind of political allegory.

You Have To Wonder If This Poster For Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D Is Wonky On Purpose

It’s obvious that this poster for Dario Argento’s reputedly quite hilarious take on Dracula is a pastiche of classic designs, but could the artist also have deliberately squiffed up the faces on purpose?