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The Penguin Umbrella Poster For Gotham

Appearing in today’s DC Comics, I don’t think I’ve seen this poster before. But it’s pretty damn fine and does cement who this show is really about…

Marvel Releases UK Teaser Trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron – And Teaser Poster (UPDATE)

So, the UK teaser trailer leaked. Then the US teaser trailer went out officially, Now the UK trailer has joined it, along with a teaser poster… UPDATE: Let’s get that right, shall we?

The Power And Posters Of Protest

This hasn’t got a lot to do with comics. Okay, maybe a bit. But a short video about the history of the protest poster, from the Suffragettes to the present day, including all sorts of interesting design elements might provide …

Full Trailer For Into The Storm

Certain high concept movie premises feel stripped down enough that they’re almost definitive. With Into the Storm the appeal seems to be that the storm is the subject, not the context. This is a film that “does” a storm for …

First Poster For New Pixar Project Lava, And A Little Explanation Of What It Is

Yesterday, Pixar showed the opening scenes of their new feature Inside Out to some LA people and, at the same time, announced the short film they’ll be screening with it. Lava is apparently a love story, a musical and covers …

The Sin City Cinema Display Is Now Online, And I Bet This Becomes A Thing

The marketeers behind Sin City: A Dame to Kill for have innovated in bringing online a nice, official look at the ‘standee’ or cinema display for their movie. This is after they released GIFs in place of images a few …

The First Poster For Dracula Untold With Luke Evans

Co-star Sarah Gadon let slip that Dracula Untold is less of a horror picture and something more all-ages appropriate, calling it “a family fantasy film.” Okay, maybe not all ages, but we’re looking at something PG-13 rated, not R. Or, …

Spongebob Goes 3D In The First Poster For His New Movie

During his new film. Spongebob Squarepants will pop out of his flat, undersea dominion and become a fully 3D visitor to our live action world. Judging from the first poster, he’s going to look pretty groovy while he’s doing it. …

Rocket And Groot Share The New Guardians Of The Galaxy Poster

This is a very shouty poster, but in my mind, everything is drowned out by the barrage of gunfire. Steady on, boys. Guardians of the Galaxy will now be released in the UK on July 31st, just one day ahead …

New Poster For Dumb And Dumber To Brings Back The Shaggin’ Wagon

I’m not a fan of Dumb and Dumber. At all. I fear this sequel. Dread it, almost. This poster does nothing but grind stones in the pit of my stomach. But I quite like Jim Carrey, somehow, and Jeff Daniels …

Steve Rogers Is Ready For His Hero Shot – New Captain America: Winter Soldier Poster

Marvel have dropped this new Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster via Facebook. They also promise an imminent announcement.

And Now, A Poster For Guardians Of The Galaxy

Now if only they’d release a trailer or some sort of character-centric promotional clip to go with this poster.

Another New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster – This Time, Rather More Crowded

Poster posing and burning military hardware.

Spider-Man Does The Twist In New, Improved Amazing Spider-Man 2 Poster

I look forward to the one in which Spider-Man does the Bony Maronie but this will do for now.

Plenty Of 2013′s Best Movie Posters

Here, in reverse chronological order, are a number of 2013′s more interesting posters. I selected these because I thought they communicated an interesting idea quickly or with great efficiency.

Now In Marketing: Poster Quotes From People Who Aren’t Even Pretending To Have Seen The Film

And, ultimately, I think I actually like it this way.

First Look At The Amazing Spider-Man 2′s Green Goblin And Rhino On New Poster

The first trailer for the film is expected online on the 5th. If this poster is already out there announcing the involvement of suited of Rhino and Green Goblin, then I expect we’ll get a tease of them in the footage.

“Why Don’t You Pay Me For Your Stupid Text On Thanksgiving Day?” – Spike Lee Digs Deep

Bleeding Cool has been covering the story of a graphic designer who feels he was ripped off by the design agency hired to produce materials for Spike Lee‘s Oldboy. And who appealed to Lee directly. We also covered Spike’s response. …