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Your First Look At Stjepan Seijic’s Death Vigil

So we know about his take on current superhero comics. But talking about his new planned book Death Vigil, Stjepan Seijic posted on the Bleeding Cool forums saying, i plan on having book 1 done by january 10th and send …

The Original Four Page “Sketch” That Became Looper

It all started as four pages of prose.

Jill Thompson’s Sandman Movie Pitch Art For Sale

Neil Gaiman tweeted; Some years ago, I had to pitch/explain SANDMAN to Warners. Jill Thompson illustrated the pitch. That art’s for sale All this work can be found at Cadence Comic Art with price around the $800 level.

How To Pitch Your Comic By (Or Possibly To) Larry Young

Larry Young writes from Bleeding Cool; Here’s a simple list of things to include or to be aware of when you send me (in my capacity as publisher at AiT/Planet Lar, or whatever it is I do for First Comics …

Back To The Future Fan Pitches His Reboot – Doesn’t Seem To Realise It’s A Found Footage Idea

Just for fun, here’s a Back to the Future fan sharing his big idea.

DC Relaunch: What An Evil Pitch

This was an intriguing exchange of tweets. Bleeding Cool had previously reported that Brian Clevinger had been dropped from the new Firestorm relaunch before it was announced that Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver were writing the new Fury Of …