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Javier Bardem In Talks For Pirates Of The Caribean Villain

Javier Bardem is in early talks to play the villain in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. There was rumors that Christoph Waltz was going to play the villain, but now Bardem has the offer to play …

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Gets Release Date

You’ll have to wait an extra year to see Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow again. Disney, who was originally eyeing a summer 2016 release, has slotted the fifth installment of their Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in for July …

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Not A Go Just Yet

I’m not sure, but I don’t think too many people – at least online – will be mourning this one.

When Bleeding Cool Met Ian McShane – Talking About Cuban Fury And Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

Cuban Fury is in UK cinemas now and I enjoyed it a great deal, thanks in no small part to the very fun casting.

Booze Geek – Mad Anthony and Pirate Movies

By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Mad Anthony APA Brewery: Erie Brewing Co. Today, I delve into a bottle of Eerie Brewing Company’s Mad Anthony APA.  Unfortunately, it is about as lifeless as the skeleton adorning the bottle. Mad Anthony is amber …

Christoph Waltz Linked To Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, More Plot Details Revealed

They consolidate my previous story on the film. And… what’s this about Rebecca Hall?

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Pushed Back, Allegedly Over Script Issues – But What’s It All About, Anyway?

Lots of little bits and pieces about the plot and characters of the next Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Star Wars, Star Trek And V Author Ann Crispin Passes Away

It was announced today that Science Fiction author Ann Crispin passed away this morning after a prolonged battle with cancer. Crispin wrote twenty-three published novels in thirty years, getting to play in some of the biggest sci-fi franchises and even …

Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – The Heat, Thematic Trilogies, Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, The Conjuring

A short podcast this week but I sneak in an actual bit of movie news.

Now With Added Batman-Superman, Here’s A Crazy List Of 2015′s Tentpole And Franchise Films

Here’s hoping that the quality of the films isn’t in anyway throttled by the need to compete.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 To Be Directed By Joachim Rønning And Espen Sandberg

Production is set to kick off late this year or early next.

Disney Have New Director Candidates For The Next Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie

They seem to be looking for visual stylists above all else.

New Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie Gets New Screenwriter

A fresh start for this rot-toothed old rum drinker of a movie series.

Disney Changes The Game – Pirates 4 On Blu-Ray One Month Before DVD

Disney aren’t too shy about experimenting with release patterns. Just last year they became locked in a short lived stand-off with the UK cinema chains for having slashed the theatrical release window of Alice in Wonderland, scheduling the DVD and …

Surefire Way To Get Pirates To Buy Cinema Tickets

Had enough of popcorn and nachos, but tempted to give Salmagundi and rum a go instead? I may have found your new favourite cinema. Some affluent Palm Beach residents have splashed out on a rather lavish, pirate ship themed home …

Five Reasons Why You Might Think Pirates 4 Is The Best One Yet

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides gets my vote for the best film in the series so far. Here are the Five Things that might convince you I’ve got a case. 1. Sparrow at the Centre When the series …

See Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 This Monday, And On Us

If you can be in central London on Monday evening,* and you’d like to see the long awaited return of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ahead of pretty much everybody else in the world, then …

The Script For Pirates 5 Has Been Delivered To Disney, But Wait! Depp Hasn’t Signed On Yet

A full script for a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean was this week delivered to Disney, and by now, some of Walt’s Dwarfs will have read it. Johnny Depp, however, is yet to see a copy. More importantly, he’s yet …