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Warren Ellis Talks Global Frequency TV – With More TV To Come. Is It All Geoff Johns’ Fault?

Warren Ellis has written in his newsletter (sign up here) a few details regarding the new adaptation of Global Frequency into a TV series. My graphic novel GLOBAL FREQUENCY is set to be adapted for television again. DC Entertainment bought …

More Shots Of Jon Beavers – Gotham’s Joker?

From an early promotional image of Gotham… Bleeding Cool ran a little look at the Gotham pilot earlier this week, it became one of the most read items on the site. And along the way, we took a few screencaps, …

Bleeding Cool Has Watched The Pilot Episode Of Gotham. And We Bring Screencaps.

This isn’t your grandfather’s Batman. Of course it’s not Batman at all. This is Gotham. And thanks to a rather entertaining source, I’ve just seen the pilot episode.

The DC Comics Crossovers That The Flash TV Pilot Script Included – And Didn’t (UPDATE)

So, the script for the Flash pilot from February 2014 was pretty similar to the filmed-and-leaked version. A few things got jiggled around, rewritten and cut. But there are a few extra DC Comics references that didn’t make it – …

The Biggest Change To Constantine Isn’t The Smoking – Also, More DC Comics Easter Eggs (UPDATE)

Some people will look to the lack of smoking as the Big Change To John Constantine in the new TV series from NBC. But that’s not the one for me. Anyway, he’s still got a lighter. In the pilot episode, …

Nine Thoughts About The Flash TV Pilot That I Shouldn’t Have Been Allowed To See

Thank you YouTube (now taken down, sadly). But the Flash TV pilot roars around the internet it seems. 1. Days Of Future Yet To Come. The red and the yellow bursts foreshadows what is to happen – but also indicates …

The CW’s The Flash TV Pilot Leaks On Torrent Sites

“To understand what I am about to tell you, you need to do something first. You need to believe in the impossible. “Can you do that? Good. “You see that red blur? That’s me. That too. There I am again. …

Weekend Viewing: The Pilot For John August’s Apocalyptic Web Series, The Remnants

August hasn’t directed another feature since his debut, The Nines, but he’s certainly kept busy as a screenwriter. This is what he did during the last writer’s strike.

I Never Read Christos Gage’s Absolution, But His Teleplay Adaptation Has Me Hooked

Super powers and power aren’t the same thing, and where the pilot script for a TV version of Absolution grabbed me was where the two bang up against one another.

Video: Adam Buxton’s Full And Properly Funny Pilot For Meebox

You may recognise Adam Buxton from his comical scenes of head injury in Stardust, Hot Fuzz and Son of Rambow.

Casting For The Zombieland TV Show Is Under Way

Looking for the next Emma Stone. Good luck with that.

Joss Whedon Directing SHIELD Pilot Right Now, Already Working On Scripts For Later In The Series

Whedon putting his Marvel movieverse stamina to the test.

Pop Culture Hounding Dave Gibbons And Herb Trimpe In Malta

Chris Thompson writes; This week I take a look back at the absolutely amazing Malta Comic-Con I’ve recently returned from – then Taylor & I discuss some of the gems found there, including Sean Azzopardi’s latest release Same Day Return. …

Did Marvel And SHIELD Just Kill The ABC Show Weird Desk?

And what does this tell us about the SHIELD TV show?

Joss Whedon To Roll Cameras On SHIELD Pilot In January

Okay, but when can I see it? I want to see it now.

Updated: Brian Michael Bendis Busts Rumours Of Powers Pilot In Trouble

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Revolution – Pilot Episode Review From Comic-Con

Abigail Raney offers a capsule review of the new show from Eric Kripke, JJ Abrams and pilot director Jon Favreau.

Arrow – Pilot Episode Review From Comic-Con

Abigail Raney has been watching TV pilots for Bleeding Cool at Comic-Con. Here’s her capsule review of Arrow, the CW’s new Green Arrow show.