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Weekend Viewing: The Pilot For John August’s Apocalyptic Web Series, The Remnants

August hasn’t directed another feature since his debut, The Nines, but he’s certainly kept busy as a screenwriter. This is what he did during the last writer’s strike.

I Never Read Christos Gage’s Absolution, But His Teleplay Adaptation Has Me Hooked

Super powers and power aren’t the same thing, and where the pilot script for a TV version of Absolution grabbed me was where the two bang up against one another.

Video: Adam Buxton’s Full And Properly Funny Pilot For Meebox

You may recognise Adam Buxton from his comical scenes of head injury in Stardust, Hot Fuzz and Son of Rambow.

Casting For The Zombieland TV Show Is Under Way

Looking for the next Emma Stone. Good luck with that.

Joss Whedon Directing SHIELD Pilot Right Now, Already Working On Scripts For Later In The Series

Whedon putting his Marvel movieverse stamina to the test.

Pop Culture Hounding Dave Gibbons And Herb Trimpe In Malta

Chris Thompson writes; This week I take a look back at the absolutely amazing Malta Comic-Con I’ve recently returned from – then Taylor & I discuss some of the gems found there, including Sean Azzopardi’s latest release Same Day Return. …

Did Marvel And SHIELD Just Kill The ABC Show Weird Desk?

And what does this tell us about the SHIELD TV show?

Joss Whedon To Roll Cameras On SHIELD Pilot In January

Okay, but when can I see it? I want to see it now.

Updated: Brian Michael Bendis Busts Rumours Of Powers Pilot In Trouble

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Revolution – Pilot Episode Review From Comic-Con

Abigail Raney offers a capsule review of the new show from Eric Kripke, JJ Abrams and pilot director Jon Favreau.

Arrow – Pilot Episode Review From Comic-Con

Abigail Raney has been watching TV pilots for Bleeding Cool at Comic-Con. Here’s her capsule review of Arrow, the CW’s new Green Arrow show.

Jonathan Ross Planning New “Top Gear-Style” Film Show For ITV

Jonathan Ross clearly loves comic books, and it’s been a big talking point both here, and in the British media, for the last couple of years. There’s also absolutely no doubt that he loves films. He’s also the one “public …

Friday Runaround – From Japan To India To The South China Sea

FluWatch: Bleeauurghhh. HackWatch: Those pirated Marvel digital comics? Yup, it was an open door someone had left, in the company’s internet security. Now they’ll have to go back to scanning in the comics as they come in on a Tuesday… …

Stephen Amell Is The Green Arrow

The CW have selected Stephen Amell to play Oliver Queen in their new pilot, Arrow. If all goes to plan this will be a new series, reinventing Green Arrow slightly, with young and (because it’s US TV) sexy characters. Here’s …

Casting Breakdown For The Green Arrow Show Reveals Black Canary And More Will Appear

Reading this casting breakdown for Arrow, the new CW pilot for a TV vehicle for the Green Arrow comic book character, I realised I didn’t really know who any of them are. None of the names were familiar at all. …

Green Arrow TV Show In The Works

The CW’s ongoing desire for another DC-comics derived series to replace their long-serving Smallville has brought them to Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. The network is reportedly locking down the details of a pilot order for a new show about …

VIDEO: The First Part Of My TV Pilot, Frisby’s Greatest Ever, Blending Comedy And Movies

Just over a year ago now I directed and edited the pilot for a new TV show, Frisby’s Greatest Ever, derived from my own original format. The script had been written by the supremely funny Gary Delaney and Dominic Frisby, …

Locke & Key Has A Tiny, Tiny, Tiny Chance Of Coming To MTV

There are two interesting things to take away from Deadline‘s story on the possibility of the Locke & Key TV show coming to MTV. That there’s an incredibly slender possibility of this happening. That there’s enough interest in the show …