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Rebecca Pidgeon Has Some Interesting Things To Say About Phil Spector And David Mamet

This is the kind of featurette you’d expect to focus on a writer-director, but there’s no David Mamet here. Instead, we’re hosted by his wife, Rebecca Pidgeon.

David Mamet, Al Pacino And Co. Tell Us Who And What Phil Spector Is

A talking heads and clips featurette for the upcoming HBO movie.

Al Pacino Wigs Out – Full Trailer For Phil Spector Goes Wild

David Mamet’s Phil Spector biopic gets a bit shouty.

Second Teaser Trailer For Phil Spector Lets Al Pacino And Helen Mirren Have A Bit Of A Ding Dong

Netflix might have the big profile, headline grabbing new series but HBO seem to have the exciting new movies.

HBO’s Winter Preview Trailer – Game Of Thrones, Girls, Phil Spector And More

I’d subscribe, if I were “over there.”

First Teaser For David Mamet And Al Pacino’s Phil Spector Movie

This trailer is something of a record breaker.

HBO Preview Images: Eastbound And Down, Phil Spector, Behind The Candelabra And More

It’s worth pausing the latest HBO preview for a closer look.

David Mamet To Write And Direct Phil Spector Film, Al Pacino To Star

I spent years keenly awaiting Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise’s long-planned biopic of Phil Spector, despite finding the casting of Cruise a touch mystifying. Then that one seemed to get finally and permanently derailed after Spector was convicted for the …