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Will Marvel Superheroes Appear In The Lego Sequel? Doesn’t Sound Like It

I’m not at all surprised by this but, for the sake of crossing Ts and dotting Is, here’s the word. Coming Soon asked Phil Lord and Chris Miller if we could expect Marvel superheroes in the next Lego movie. There’s …

Lego’s Phil Lord And Chris Miller Said No To Ghostbusters 3. For Now‏

It seems that the dream is over.

Phil Lord And Chris Miller May Direct Ghostbusters 3

People have been clamoring for 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller to replace Ivan Reitman, and now it may actually happen.

Lego Sequel Books One Of The First Film’s Three Directors‏

Warner Bros. have marked out a May 16th 2017 release date. It’s a long time for me to cross my fingers, but I’ll do it.

Warner Bros. Have Announced The Lego Movie 2 For May 26th 2017 – Over Three Years Away

Obviously understanding the time it’s going to take to do this right, Warner Bros. have announced that their sequel to The Lego Movie won’t be in US cinemas for over three years.

Two More Lego Movie Promos – One With Green Lantern, One Working The Superman Angle

Well played, Warner Bros.

First Poster For 22 Jump Street

This year, there are two films from Phil Lord and Chris Miller. There’s the R-rated, live-action 22 Jump Street and the PG, animated (mainly) Lego Movie. That kind of release pattern is called “the Spielberg.”

Awesome New Trailer For Lego Movie – This Time With The Flash

We’ve seen Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman (and Abraham Lincoln, a Mutant Turtle, etc) but I think this is our first look at The Flash.

Report: He-Man Movie Close To Happening, Shortlist Of Potential Directors Includes Joe Cornish, Rian Johnson And More

Masters of the Universe was not one of my beloved childhood cartoons, but this is a pretty awesome list.

This Promo For The Lego Movie Is Built Out Of New Gags

I said Built! And it’s about Lego! Built! Lego! BUILT! (Man, when you really look at it, “built” is such a strange word)

Second Full Trailer For The Lego Movie Stokes My Ongoing Love Affair With This Film – UPDATED

Not only does it look unique, it looks wonderful.

More Footage From The New Lego Movie Heralds An Upcoming New Trailer

I love it. I love the warmth, the scale of the first few shots, the stop motion feel (even if it is only a feel) and the alround, tidy Lego-ness of it all.

Minifig Yourself And Join Batman, Wonder Woman And Lord Business In The New Lego Movie Standee

That ice cream looks delicious.

Amber Stevens Cast In 22 Jump Street, Taking The Role We Were Talking About Just Last Night

Mission: accomplished. Jonah Hill has a new love interest for the 21 Jump Street sequel.

Ice Cube Coming Back For 22 Jump Street, This Time His Character Will Have A Daughter

Ice Cube is now all set to return as Captain Dickson for 22 Jump Street, say The Hollywood Reporter. Even better news, I think, is that his role has been beefed up a little. And then, giving us even more …

Lego Movie Casting For DC Comic Book Characters Revealed At Comic-Con

We knew that Channing Tatum is playing Superman, but I think it’s news that Jonah Hill is Green Lantern and Cobie Smulders is Wonder Woman in Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s Lego Movie. Other Lego characters will appear, but the …

First Incredible Trailer For The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie comes from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors of 21 Jump Street and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, not to mention Clone High.

Quick, Before Everybody Spoils It For You – Guess The Title Of The 21 Jump Street Sequel

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will be coming back; the storyline will see them infiltrate a college, rather than a high school; and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will most likely direct again.