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A Petition To Moffat And McGann To Make An Eighth Doctor Series

You have to appreciate a story like this and the fan dedication that goes with a show that has been on for fifty years. After seeing the six minute plus Night Of The Doctor video starring Paul McGann, a Jersey U.K. man …

2000AD’s Official Petition For A Dredd Sequel

Karl Urban lives in hope that, somehow, somewhere, someone will fund a sequel to Dredd.

The Orson Scott Card Story Is Not Going Away – Firing Petition Tops 6,000

From The Guardian to Boing Boing to Huffington Post, the debate syrrounding the appointment of Orson Scott Card to write a chapter of Superman Adventures continues. Here’s a few prominent examples of the commentary being generated. Ben Bates, The Gutters …

White House Officially Rejects Petition Calling For A Death Star

Now what would the United States of America want with a Death Star, eh?