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Paul Jenkins Steps Up Over John Campbell Kickstarter Controversy

Comic book author Paul Jenkins, currently writing Deathmatch and Fairy Quest for Boom Studios, just added an update to the Fairy Quest Kickstarter funder, addressing the donors to John Campbell‘s Sad Pictures For Children Kickstarter that has caused a little …

Fairy Quest 2: Outcasts Kickstarts, Partners With Boom – And Paul Jenkins Finds Fairy Tales ‘Liberating’

Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos launched a Kickstarter campaign for the sequel to their hardcover, lavish fairytales-reimagined book Fairy Quest #1 this week, entitled Fairy Quest 2: Outcasts.  This time around they’ve chosen to partner with Boom! Studios after the …

The Frenzy Of Paul Jenkins In Breaking A World Record

Shawn Demumbrum writes about the Amazing Arizona Comic Con world record attempt, One of the more spontaneous parts of the World Record Attempt at Amazing Arizona was Paul Jenkins arriving at the booth to write a few pages.  We weren’t …

Live From The Comic Shop – Revelations, Rocket Girl, Grindhouse, Killjoys, Legenderry, Dead Boy Detectives, Baltimore, The Twilight Zone

New comics on New Years Eve? That’s the craziest fucking thing I’ve ever heard, to quote Stephen Colbert, but is a very good kind of crazy, particularly since I’m finally in the right place at the right time to continue …

The First Page Of Paul Jenkins And Humberto Ramos’ Fairy Quest 2

On the first post of Christmas, Bleeding Cool sent to me… The first page of Fairy Quest 2 from Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos. Coming to Kickstarter in January 2014. Premiering at San Diego next July.

When Batman Sits Down (UPDATE)

Paul Jenkins has been replying to comments in the thread from his recent Bleeding Cool interview that seems to have touched many a nerve. But it may have brought up a question even more important than maintaining good working relationships …

Paul Jenkins On Leaving Marvel And DC – Wednesday Trending Topics

Paul Jenkins on his New 52 experience: “Contrast that to the manipulative behavior demonstrated by the people behind the Dark Knight book, and it leaves one rather puzzled: why would one series be untouched and another be micro-managed with absolutely …

The Bullying Of Creators – Paul Jenkins Talks About Leaving DC And Marvel For Boom

Last week, Paul Jenkins wrote an open letter about his decision to leave the likes of Marvel and DC behind and work exclusively on comic books through Boom! Studios. Lines like I’m going to remove myself from working for the …

Deathmatch #2 – Who Will Win?

Deathmatch #1 was a huge success for BOOM!, selling more than any non-licensed comic for the publisher. Paul Jenkins‘ debut issue provided thrills and surprises, while developing the setting for this deadly new series. 32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Deathmatch …

Next Wednesday, Deathmatch #1 Debuts! Who Will Win Nephilim vs Electronika?

Next Wednesday, Deathmatch #1 finally arrives. 32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Now, the fun (and contest) begins…

Deathmatch Profile: Mink

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Mink.

Deathmatch Profile: Perpetu-Hedron

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Perpetu-Hedron.

Deathmatch Profile: Professor Higgins

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Professor Higgins.

Deathmatch Profile: Meridian

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Meridian.

Deathmatch Profile: The Glyph

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… The Glyph.

Deathmatch Profile: The Mutate

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… The Mutate.

Deathmatch Profile: Monkey

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Monkey.

Deathmatch Profile: The Collective

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… The Collective.