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French Audiences Pee On Seats In Response To Paranormal Activity 4, Get Sinister Boycotted

I see Paris, I see France, Paranormal Activity made them wet their underpants.

Not One But Two Paranormal Activity Movies Set For 2013

How far could this go? One film a month by 2020?

(Almost) Paranormal Activity 4 – The Bleeding Cool Review

In which an Xbox 360 saves the day. Sort of.

When Bleeding Cool Spoke To The Master Of Low Budget Horror, Paranormal Activity’s Jason Blum

He’s getting very good at making low-budget horror films that work.

Little Kids Get The Creepy Treatment – Full Trailer For Paranormal Activity 4

Beware! Beware the… videogame peripheral?

New Paranormal Activity 4 Clip Hints At Fresh Ideas

Will these new conceits be enough to stop the series from going stale?

First Proper Trailer For Paranormal Activity 4

Riffing on Marble Hornets, working in Skype-style video chat as a new plot device and promising to pay off story points from the first Paranormal Activity movie, the first trailer for this fourquel is actually pretty encouraging. She’s baaaaaaack, etc. …

An Exceedingly Brief Look At Paranormal Activity 4 Suggests A Break From The Old Routine?

Here’s a marketing video you’ll find it all too easy to bash.