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London Has Fallen Sets Sights On A Replacement Director

Things looked bad for the Olympus Has Fallen sequel when Fredrik Bond left the film last week only a few weeks away from beginning shooting. Prospects for a replacement weren’t looking good and according to THR, star Gerard Butler may …

Olympus Has Fallen Gets A Sequel And A Director

According to THR, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckart and Morgan Freeman have all signed on to reprise their roles from Olympus Has Fallen in the cleverly titled sequel: London Has Fallen. Fredrik Bond, a video director whose first feature was Charlie …

London Will Fall In The Sequel To Olympus Has Fallen

Hopefully not all of it.

Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – Olympus Has Fallen, Evil Dead And Evil Dead 2, Love Is All You Need And More

Now that Place Beyond the Pines has been out a while, there’s a little more chat about that too. And we spare a few words for Shark-based schlockbusters.

Olympus Has Fallen Trailer – Gerard Butler Dies Hard In The White House

But is that President Aaron Eckhart or President Morgan Freeman?