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Jon M. Chu Frontrunner To Direct Now You See Me Sequel

The first film ended with a twist, so it’s unclear what sort of plot the sequel will have.

Louis Leterrier Back To Direct Now You See Me Sequel

Expect a big twist.

Surprise! Magical Heist Movie Now You See Me Getting A Sequel

Lionsgate have decided to push forward in developing a sequel to their over-performing heist movie, Now You See Me.

Watch The First Four Scenes Of Vegas Heist Magic Movie, Now You See Me

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Isla Fisher have some tricks to show you.

Swipe File: Now You See Me And Ocean’s 12

With a little irony, this promo for a Vegas heist film is hemming pretty close to designs for the only one of Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s episodes that isn’t a Vegas heist film.

Burt Wonderstone Trailer – Carell, Carrey And Buscemi Battle With Magic

It’s nice to see the actors actually do the magic and the film not depend on CG.

10 Things About The Now You See Me Trailer

Do you believe in magic?

Trailer: Vegas Magicians Pull A Heist In Now You See Me

Stealing and conning, stage magic style.

On Set Video Of Now You See Me, Magic Heist Film With Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Michael Caine And Mark Ruffalo

I love good twist. Especially the kind where the filmmakers played fair, and showed you “everything” all along, it’s just that you, the viewer, didn’t necessarily add it all up in the right way. Conmen and heist films often pull …

Fingers Crossed For A Magical Morgan Freeman In Now You See Me

Riddle me this: what is more awesome than Morgan Freeman? How about Morgan Freeman playing an ex-stage magician who is shunned by the stage magician community for pulling a Penn & Teller* and telling people how illusions are performed? Now …