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Will Smith Out, Jared Leto In For Superpowers-n-Terrorism Thriller, Brilliance

Will Smith pulled out of Brilliance a short while back leaving many, myself included, wondering if the film was now just going to fall apart. It happens all of the time. Pictures are packaged around stars, and when they don’t …

Casting Roundup: Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Biopic, Sigourney Weaver Meets Chappie, Noomi Rapace As Septuplets

A short and sweet one today. • Don Cheadle is ready to step behind the camera for his directorial debut, Kill the Trumpet Player, about jazz musician Miles Davis. Cheadle will also star in the film, presumably as Davis, while …

Vincent Cassel Replacing Philip Seymour Hoffman In Child 44

Russian spy thriller Child 44 is losing Philip Seymour Hoffman but gaining Vincent Cassel.

Dead Man Down Trailer Reteams Niels Arden Oplev And Noomi Rapace

The director of the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is back with his next movie, starring Colin Farrell and Terrance Howard

FIXED VIDEO: Noomi Rapace And Rachel McAdams Show Some Passion In Brian DePalma’s Next

The TIFF YouTube account keeps expanding, just now adding the first trailer for Brian DePalma‘s “erotic thriller” Passion. 99.9% of films labelled as erotic thrillers have failed to satisfy on either count, but surely DePalma will manage one or the …

Fox Promise Prometheus Sequel In ’14 Or ’15, Fassbender And Rapace Locked In, Lindelof Not

Paradise awaits.

Prometheus – The Bleeding Cool Review

It’s here at last. One of the most anticipated movies of 2012. Does it really match the hype? Or does it just answer the questions of Mankind’s origins?

Steamy Stills Of Noomi Rapace And Rachel McAdams In Brian De Palma’s Passion

These new stills from Brian De Palma‘s Passion only seem to confirm what we suspected when the first image arrived online: this is probably not a film you should sit down to watch with your elderly grandmother. No, not even …

First Image From Brian DePalma’s Passion – He’s Up To His Old Tricks Again

Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace lean towards each other, hover as though about to kiss and wait for the unit stills photographer to do his business before breaking it off and relaxing out of this constrained pose just before it …

Alternative Prometheus Trailer And New Featurette – Even More Snippets Of New Footage

It’s probably about now that you want to stop freeze framing the trailers and featurettes and scrutinising every detail.

Prometheus Featurette – Footage, Interviews, Behind The Scenes

Ridley Scott says he’s an “all about everything director”, Noomi Rapace comments on his “very clear vision.” Indeed, this promo is selling us the Ridley – his vision, his “digging deeper,” “pushing the envelope” and, particularly, wanting things to be …

Ridley Scott Wants Prometheus To Get The MPAA Rating That Will “Make As Large A Box Office As Possible”

Ridley upsets the fans with a bit of fiscal responsibility.

I’ve Just Seen A Bunch Of Scenes From Prometheus And Want To Tell You About Them

Fox this morning presented a package of scenes from Prometheus, followed by a Q&A with Ridley Scott, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron. Lots from the Q&A later, but for now, I want to tell you about the scenes …

New Prometheus IMAX Trailer – Loads Of New Shots, First Dialogue

Ahead of the big, full trailer that’s due to launch later today, here’s a special IMAX promo for Prometheus. There’s a lot of new footage, including some rather mysterious things, and for the first time, there’s dialogue. Yeah, I don’t …

New Prometheus In This Trailer For The Full Trailer

The new, full trailer for Prometheus will premiere this Saturday, but ahead of that, here’s a look at some of the new shots it will contain.

UK Trailer For Noomi Rapace Thriller Babycall

Babycall seems to sit somewhere between Dark Water and Stir of Echoes, though for all I know at this stage, goes completely without the supernatural components. As you’ll see from this trailer, even if there is some kind of spookiness …

New Prometheus Image Calls For A Codebreaker

Here’s another image of Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green in Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus doing just what they were in most of the others: looking off-frame at who-knows-what. Peep over their shoulders, however, and you’ll see some symbols written into the …

New Prometheus Picture Features Two Familiar Faces (Well, Not Faces Per Se)

As well as Noomi Rapace, front of frame, this latest official image from Prometheus features two… well, see for yourself. Click through on the image to make it full size for a really good look. So those are, in the …