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Nicolas Winding Refn’s Next Film Will Be I Walk With The Dead

No more specific plot details than that, though Refn’s tweet does indicate a location change may be in order.

Nicholas Winding Refn Negotiating To Direct “True” Haunted Hotel Story, The Bringing

I find this whole project a little off putting, I have to say.

Winding Refn And Gosling’s Only God Forgives Latest Film To Go 3D For German Blu-ray Release

First Valhalla Rising and now Only God Forgives. If he ever does shoot Logan’s Run Refn has said that it will be in 3D. At least that one won’t need to be converted.

Listen: New Music From David Lynch, The Soundtracks To Only God Forgives And The World’s End

A selection of some great new music that you can listen to right now.

Three Featurettes For Only God Forgives Give Us An Insight Into Refn’s Process

And discover that he gets confused when he doesn’t shoot in chronological order.

New British Trailer Shows Us That Only God Forgives Still Looks Cool

The fact that they’ve used the same very few lines of dialogue for every trailer so far doesn’t bode well for anybody who likes a chatty script.

Three Clips From Only God Forgives – Refn And Gosling Get Brutal

You would probably consider these not safe for work.

It’s Time To Meet The Devil – Two New Trailers For Only God Forgives

Hard, fast brutal kickboxing crimeland melodrama with Ryan Gosling and a lot of neon.

New Images From Ryan Gosling And Nicolas Winding Refn’s Kickboxing Picture, Only God Forgives

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives looks like just the sort of film where the foley artists would have to spend weeks ripping apart chicken carcasses, sometimes with their teeth. It looks brutal.

Drive’s Nicholas Winding Refn Chosen To Direct The Equalizer Movie With Denzel Washington

The director of Drive offered the keys to The Equalizer

Drive Director Turned Down for Doctor Who Gig, But Nicolas Winding Refn Has Yet To Make His Mind Up About Drive Sequel

Nicolas Winding Refn has been riding a groundswell of rave reviews and fanboy adoration in the wake of of Drive, but not everything has gone perfectly.

Win! Signed Drive Poster And Retro T-Shirt

Today’s the day that Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive comes speeding, crashing and other car-related punning into cinemas across the UK. There’s an awful lot of excitement for this film – I’ve seen my Twitter feed light up with words like …

UK Poster And Trailer For Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive

This poster and trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn‘s new drama/thriller Drive have been out for a while now, but it’s worth posting them now simply because this definitely looks like a film to watch if you get the chance. It …

How To Make Sure Christina Hendricks Is Wonder Woman – Step One

I was going to say that Christina Hendricks has been nerd bait ever since she appeared in Firefly, but let’s be honest – it’s been ever since puberty (her’s or the nerds’, whichever came last). I’m pretty sure she’d be …