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What Happened When Nicolas Cage Discovered His Action Comics #1 Had Been Stolen

The Toronto Star has looked at the case of Nicolas Cage and the stolen Action Comics #1… and talked to the detective in charge of the case. First, Cage’s home, He collected everything from rare cars to dinosaur fossils. “It looked …

Evolution Of An Actor Through The Art Of Jeff Victor

Artist Jeff Victor has decided to do a series of pieces showing the progression of different actors through the years and post them to his website. Besides being impressed by the art enough to want to share these on the site… I …

“I Don’t Read Comics As A 49 Year Old Man” – Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage chose his stage name after Luke Cage. He starred in two Ghost Rider films and in Kick Ass. Over the years he has been linked with comic book movie after comic book movie after comic book movie, including …

First Teaser For The Kickstarter-Fuelled Superman Lives Documentary, About The Unmade Tim Burton Movie

I really wish Tim Burton’s Superman Lives had happened. It sounds pretty idiosyncratic.

Liu Yifei Joining Nicolas Cage For 12th Century Action Movie, Outcast

An upcoming Chinese-American co-production starring Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen. And now Liu Yifei too.

Fake Adam West’s Batman Prank Calls, Custom Fit Pants And Fondue Rules

For some reason, Fake Adam West only has 38 Twitter followers. Still, that’s 38 more than the real Adam West.

Nicolas Cage Says He’s Done With Ghost Rider Professionally

The US junket for The Croods is underway which means, of course, that Nicolas Cage is facing a minimum of eight questions per hour about his possible return to the role of Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider.

The Death Of Tim Burton And Nicolas Cage’s Superman Lives – Documentary Project Now On Kickstarter

This promo trailer for the documentary includes concept art and pre-production images.

Jackie Chan Confirms Role In The Expendables 3

Jackie Chan is expendable.

BC Mag #1: The Vintage Paper Chase

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by William A. Christensen & Mark Seifert. But a comic from the 1930s is a very different thing than an early issue of Newsweek or any other vintage magazine (though many vintage magazines can be quite …

Sylvester Stallone Promises Nicolas Cage For The Expendables 3 In A Baffling Lump Of Prose

Sylvester Stallone, lord of letters.

Watch This Funny, Exciting New Trailer For Dreamworks’ The Croods

They’re rood, they’re crood, they’re in your hood.

Richard Kelly To Write And Direct True-Crime Story Amicus, With Nicolas Cage

The director of Donnie Darko and that guy who eats bugs and gets hair plugs. Allegedly.

Nic Cage Set For Vigilante Vs. Cops Film I Am Wrath, William Friedkin May Direct

There are more bad omens in this story than the bottom of your average tea cup.

Nicolas Cage Signs Up For The Expendables 3, With Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford And Wesley Snipes On The Wishlist

Like the Rolling Stones with squibs on their costumes.

Here’s A Better Version Of That Emma Stone Croods Character Print From Comic-Con

Eep and the Green Tiger.

They’re Making A Caper Movie About The Theft Of Nicolas Cage’s Action Comics Number One

I’ve learned to lead with the bad news, so here it is: while Nicolas Cage is a character in this story, it doesn’t look like he’ll be playing himself. Now, before you kill the messenger, let’s back up. Back in …

An Appeal To Nicolas Cage On Behalf Of Gary Friedrich

As we reported yesterday, Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich is facing demands of $17,000 from Marvel, who claim that his selling of Ghost Rider prints at comic book conventions was unlawful. The demands arose after Friedrich tried to make royalty …