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Jake Paltrow’s Young Ones Gets A French Trailer

This October we’ll get to see writer/director Jake Paltrow’s post-apocalyptical drama Young Ones. It’s the story set in the near future where water has become scarce and the only thing of value. Humanity and the world have gone to Hell. …

More Images From Mad Max: Fury Road Reveal Nicholas Hoult And More

These new images really give us a good idea of how visually crazy this movie will be.

String Of Up And Coming Actors Ready To Test For Kyle Reese Role In New Terminator

Also: the two actors who declined to read for the film. Because they had to read, or because it was for this film?

Fresh X-Men: Days Of Future Past Photos Reveal New Magneto Suit

Wolverine is taking over the lead time-traveling role from Kitty Pryde. I wonder if Ellen Page is as angry about this as I am?

Casting Roundup: Tom Hardy Is Elton John, Plus New Projects For Jason Clarke, Lea Seydoux And More

And we’re back! • Tom Hardy is Elton John in Rocketman. The resemblance isn’t quite there for met yet, but if anyone is good at seamlessly slipping into completely different characters, it’s this guy. Also Sir Elton will be re-recording …

X-Men Days Of Future Past Image – Hank, Logan And Charles Line Up In The Shiny Hall

Here’s Charles Xavier and a couple of his fellow mutants in the oh-so-shiny corridor that did, does or will lead to Cerebro. Prequels can be wriggly like that. UPDATE: Sorry, it’s gone, at the request of Kasimira C. Verdi, courtesy …

Beast Is Practical And Magneto Gets Wet In New X-Men Images

Something in me hopes the scene plays out like the fight between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in the second Bridget Jones.

First Look At X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Version Of Beast

That might be a photo of Nicholas Hoult in makeup, or it might be a CG test image. I’m expecting its the latter, and if it is, it’s impressive.

Nicholas Hoult And Eleanor Tomlinson On Jack The Giant Slayer

The actors behind Jack and his regal lady love spared us some words.

Bryan Singer Shows Off X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Cast – Including Some Surprises – TWO UPDATES

Bryan Singer has amped up his Twitter teasing.

Second Full Trailer And Second Clip From Jack The Giant Slayer

Giant portions of Jack.

First Clip From Jack The Giant Slayer And Preview Of The Next Trailer

A rather unfair chase between some giants, with their big ‘ol legs, and some widdle people on widdle horses, with their widdle horsey legs.

Warm Bodies – Watch The First Four Minutes Of The Zombie Comedy With Nicholas Hoult And Rob Corddry

Old habits die hard in the zombocalypse

New Warm Bodies Trailer – Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Hoult, Palmer, Malkovich

This guy isn’t interested the boobs or butt. He is all about the brains.

Full Length Trailer For Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Slayer

A fairytale with a slightly irreverent tone. Yes, another one.

He’s A Lover And A Biter – First Trailer For Warm Bodies

He’s smarter than the average zombie.

First Image Of Nicholas Hoult As The Zombie Lead Character Of Warm Bodies

Jonathan Levine is following up the rather pleasing 50/50 with an adaptation of Isaac Marion‘s novel Warm Bodies. Here’s the blurb I ran previously: America has fallen and zombies have risen. A young member of the undead with no identity …

First Trailer For Jack The Giant Killer, Bryan Singer Style – UPDATED With Poster

Watching this first teaser, you’ll maybe recognise more plot elements of Jack and the Beanstalk than of your actual Jack the Giant Killer folktale, but above all else, the film is looking like a modern adventure movie. And I think …