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No More Luther For TV But Neil Cross Is Planning A Movie Version

The third season of Luther was its last, but there’s a big screen outing somewhere on the To Do list.

Luther Takes On Two Cases – Clip From The New Series

With this on TV and Pacific Rim in cinemas, this July is getting to be Idris Elba month.

Guillermo Del Toro Introduces Mama, The Short Film That Inspired The Upcoming Feature Film

Plus, if you missed it, a trailer for the feature.

Video: The BBC Answer Your Questions About Luther Series 3

When’s it coming back? How many episodes? Is Alice going to be in it? All that and not much more.

Neil Gaiman, Mark Gatiss And Neil Cross Confirmed As Writers Of Next Year’s Doctor Who

Will Neil Gaiman’s next episode be as good as the last? And will Neil Cross make a great debut? Here’s hoping.

Game Of Thrones Director Brian Kirk Directing New Take On The Osterman Weekend

The Osterman Weekend is one of the Sam Peckinpah pictures it’s okay to remake (well, I think it’s okay to remake them all, but I know some people are sentimental about these things). One reason this would get the nod, …