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EXCLUSIVE: The Trailer For Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart

It’s the final, Kickstarter-funded, film in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins‘ series of short films, collectively known as Show Pieces, that will lead to further appearances of this alternate Northampton, known as The Show. Here is your first look at …

Alan Moore Talks About His Heavy Heart On Video – With Show Pieces Now For Sale

Alan Moore has talked about his upcoming Kickstartered film His Heavy Heart on Nowness. Nicely times to coincide with the release of the box set of Show Pieces, the first five short films written and co-starring Moore and directed by Mitch …

Alan Moore Is Creating An Open Access Comics App With Titles From Peter Hogan, Garth Ennis, Leah Moore, And John Reppion (UPDATE)

In a significant announcement landing this morning, (but which we hinted at yesterday from teases on social media), Alan Moore will be partnering with a team of creators and funding bodies to produce a digital comics app called Electricomics which …

All The World Really Is A Stage In The Show – On Set With Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart

It’s a very unusual experience to be a viewer of a film project, from a distance, and to write about it, and then suddenly find myself dropped into the midst of the completion of the project and see it happening …

Casting And Images From The Set of Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart

As we followed closely here at Bleeding Cool, Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins Kickstarted the final installment of their short film series entitled His Heavy Heart and made their goal by quite a margin, and plenty of Bleeding Coolers turned …

An Evening With Alan Moore At The Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

I’ve never been so happy to be a lifetime member of the Prince Charles Cinema. It means I have my ticket reserved for this, on Tuesday 26th November… The Prince Charles Cinema and Aurum Press present – Magic Words: An …

Meeting Matchbright, Metterton, James And Faith: Darkness And Light In Moore And Jenkins’ The Show

The lights come on, one by one, film by film.

He Maintains It… The Whole Show – Watching The First Four Films Of Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ Jimmy’s End

Nucleotide – A single genetic “letter”; a nucleotide is one of the four chemical subunits of the DNA molecule, also called a base. They are known by their abbreviations A, T, C, and G. Last night Kickstarter backers of Alan …

Alan Moore Talks About His Planned Feature Film, The Show

Alan Moore talks about the Jimmy’s End movies, and how His Heavy Heart will bridge the gap between the initial short films and his planned feature film, The Show

Alan Moore, Lord Of The Manor, Speaks To You From The Future

You’d watch a Downton Abbey with Alan Moore summoning butlers, summoning maids and summoning great demons from the imaginasphere, wouldn’t you?

Darrell D’Silva On Working With Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins Again

Darrell D’Silva is in rehearsals right now but looking forward to working on His Heavy Heart, the final film in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ Jimmy’s End.

“The Difference Between Writing For Screen And Writing For Comics” – Alan Moore Talks To Adi Tantimedh About His Kickstarter Campaign – Look! It Moves!

Warning: contains minor spoilers. Every time a new Alan Moore project is announced, it’s a big deal. The Kickstarter campaign for His Heavy Heart, the last chapter in the Jimmy’s End Cycle should be especially a big deal because it …

A Thank You From Alan Moore

As Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ kickstarter appeal for His Heavy Heart approaches the halfway funding mark.

Khandie Khisses Stars On The Front Of Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ Jimmy’s End DVD/Storyboard/Script Package

We couldn’t be more proud.

“I Am The Renegade Genius, Alan Moore” – Kickstarter Supervillains

They are continuing to promote their Kickstarter appeal to fund the last of their Jimmy’s End short films, His Heavy Heart. And Alan Moore had decided to do so stroking a stuffed pussy cat and sporting an eye patch…. and …

Alan Moore Launches Kickstarter For New Film With Mitch Jenkins – His Heavy Heart

This will be the fifth in a series of five such films, two of which have been released so far, with four finished.

Three More Short Films From Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins

Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins talk about three more short films to join Act Of Faith and Jimmy’s End

Alan Moore, “An Embittered Monstrous Figure” – Behind The Scenes Of Jimmy’s End

“It might be possible to actually create a world of the imagination, a world of dreams if you will, and then to export things from imagination into the real world.”