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Here’s The First Shot From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Guess How Many Turtles It Doesn’t Have In It‏

Surely some sort of teaser must be imminent?

Read The Transformers 4 Signs – Remember Chicago, Forget Megan Fox

Here’s a fun phone number you can call… if you like tattling on robot aliens. Will you betray the Autobots?

Will Megan Fox Pop Up In Transformers 4?

Will Megan Fox be back for more Transforming? And will she do it behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador?

Why Spongebob And Patrick Are In The New Ninja Turtles Movie

A cunning plan worthy of Baldrick.

Ninja Turtles Will Reunite Megan Fox And Michael Bay, Unknowns Testing For Turtle Roles

She’s playing April O’Neil, of course.

New Red Band Trailer For This Is 40

Yes please. Looks fantastic.

This Is 40 Clip – Wives Watch Husbands Watch Megan Fox In A Bikini

From the quasiquel to Knocked Up, a pool side party and some hard truths.

First Promo For The 2012 Oscars Is An Adventure For Megan Fox, Robin Williams And More

I don’t know if you could quite call this star studded, particularly not the bit with Vinnie Jones in it, but there’s certainly a handful of recognisable faces in this first promo for the 2012 Oscars. It has a plot …

Trailer And Clip For Passion Play With Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke And Megan Fox

The YouTube page for this trailer asks: Is Megan Fox an angel sent from heaven, or a freak of nature? I know what side of the argument I’m erring on. The film will hit select US cinemas on May 6th.

Albert Brooks And Megan Fox On For Sequel To Knocked Up

Judd Aptow‘s sequel to Knocked Up, if we’re to call it that, will be a five-years-later story focused on Pete and Debbie, the characters played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. While it’s not yet clear if the first story’s …

Thursday Runaround – Jim Shooter Out-Caring The Youngsters

LocalWatch: Neill Cameron blows up his old school in Mo-Bot High – and gets press for it! WonderWatch: Lynda Carter defends Wonder Woman from Megan Fox hating… “Megan Fox actually kind of trashed Wonder Woman. I like her, I just …

Jennifer’s Body Double – How The Direct Market Got Cho-Blocked.

You know Jennifer’s Body, the new film starring Megan Fox as a naked demon, whose red band trailer failed to show any nippleage? (Don’t worry, a quick Google of the film with the Safesearch turned off should sort you out, …

Review: Transformers: The Revenge Of The Fallen

INT. AMERICAN MILITARY BASE A gruff American colonel, probably someone we’ve seen in 24, shouts at an underling. GRUFF AMERICAN COLONEL Get me the Egyptian state defense. Tell them there’s a Michael Bay film on its way in, and to …